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When Do Fleas Become Active Around Streator, Illinois?

As the weather warms up, you might begin wondering when you will have to start dealing with summertime pests again.  But taking steps now in the early spring can help you prevent fleas from being a problem all summer long. Getting professional pest control from Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is a sure fire way to keep flea populations down on y...

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a colony of fleas infesting the long haired coat of a pet in a streator home

April 23, 2019

How To Tell If Your Moline Home Has A Bed Bug Infestation

It may be hard to tell if your Moline home has bed bugs. Bed bugs can be difficult to identify. But if you learn the warning signs and can identify what their bites look like, you will be better prepared to recognize a problem. If you can stop the infestation early, you have a better chance of eliminating it completely with as little disruption ...

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a full grown bed bud infesting the cotton linens of a peoria home

April 15, 2019

How Quik-Kill Can Help The Quad Cities Defend Against Termites

Many residents in the Quad Cities turn to Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for termite defense for one reason: we are the best. You don’t want to waste time trying to handle the problem yourself with ineffective DIY treatments or ineffective pest control companies. Contact us at Quik-Kill now to start protecting your property from term...

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a professional pest control technician from quick kill pest eliminators detecting pest infestation along a quad city home

April 10, 2019

Yellow Sac Spider Prevention For Moline Homeowners

Many Moline homeowners are aware of the issues venomous spiders can bring into their homes. However, many people forget that non-dangerous spiders can be quite a nuisance themselves. While the yellow sac spider is a small, non-dangerous type of spider, it can still cause great frustration for homeowners. ...

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a large yellow sacked spider infesting the residence of a moline illinoi home

April 4, 2019

Why Mosquitoes Could Become A Problem In Spring And Summer

Spring is coming and so are some dangerous pests that you will want to be ready for. Some of the worst spring and summer pests are those pesky mosquitoes. The eggs that stayed undisturbed in water throughout the winter will hatch, and adult female mosquitoes will be looking for places to lay more eggs. Warm temperatures, rain, humidity, and mois...

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a red bellied mosquito biting the bare skin of a quad city resient

March 28, 2019