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Can Voles Damage Gardens In Moline During The Winter Months?

w voles are frustrating pests. All spring, summer and early fall they come into Moline yards and feed on turfgrass, plant bulbs, tubers and herbaceous plants. This can cause a lot of damage, not the least of which are long trenches (called runways) created in lawns. These are ugly and depressing to look at....

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meadow vole in dirt

November 6, 2019

Why Are Meadow Voles In My Yard And Garden This Fall

For those of us who like to garden autumn is a busy time of year, as many of the fruits of our labor are now ready for harvest. While we work hard through the summer season to keep pests away from our plants, we can’t let our guard down just because it is fall....

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meadow vole eating berries in a field

November 8, 2018

Damages Meadow Voles Often Cause

Have you ever wished there was one location to find everything you absolutely need to know about those meadow voles that keep coming into your yard and nibbling on your trees? Well, you're in luck. You just found it! Here's everything you need to know about the yard pest known as the meadow vole, starting with the most important thing you need t...

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meadow vole eating grass

August 31, 2017