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Tips To Avoid Mice This Summer

House mice invasions are inevitable if your home has any small cracks or crevices that they can use to gain entry into your home. These little pests mean you no harm, but, rather, they are looking for basic needs for survival: water and shelter being prime targets, but the presence of food is what will really draw them in....

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mouse in illinois home

June 18, 2018

Mice Prevention Tips

There you are, lying in bed, almost ready to head to dreamland and then… a loud scurry through the wall! You know what it is, so you grumble and try to ignore it, but should you? Mice are a problem that many people have faced at one point or another, and one that could happen to anyone. When winter hits they seem to become more of a probl...

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mouse hiding in corner of streator home

January 16, 2018