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September 13, 2020

How You Unknowingly Attract Mosquitoes Around Bettendorf

Mosquitoes are universally hated by most people because of their ability to bite and leave behind extremely itchy marks. Because of this, mosquitoes bites are some of the most uncomfortable, yet also frustratingly common, bug bites you’ll ever get. However, it’s easy to forget that itching isn’t the real concern with mosquito b...

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Schedule Your Mosquito Control Before These Pests Arrive

If you feel like you've been hearing more and more about mosquito viruses in the news, you're not imagining things. You actually are. With the recent threat of Zika hitting our shores, mosquitoes are becoming public enemy number one again. But, the threat of mosquito viruses has been around for some time...

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mosquito biting skin

March 1, 2017