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Why Mosquitoes Could Become A Problem In Spring And Summer

Spring is coming and so are some dangerous pests that you will want to be ready for. Some of the worst spring and summer pests are those pesky mosquitoes. The eggs that stayed undisturbed in water throughout the winter will hatch, and adult female mosquitoes will be looking for places to lay more eggs. Warm temperatures, rain, humidity, and mois...

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a red bellied mosquito biting the bare skin of a quad city resient

March 28, 2019

Schedule Your Mosquito Control Before These Pests Arrive

If you feel like you've been hearing more and more about mosquito viruses in the news, you're not imagining things. You actually are. With the recent threat of Zika hitting our shores, mosquitoes are becoming public enemy number one again. But, the threat of mosquito viruses has been around for some time...

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mosquito biting skin

March 1, 2017