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Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips For Peoria Homeowners

Summer is always a busy time for stinging insects around Peoria, but you might notice an increase in yellow jacket activity as summer nears the end. Late summer and early fall are the time of year when yellow jackets are the most active because their food supply is dwindling and they are hunting for food....

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a yellow jacket of the prowl to establish a nesting place on a peoria illinois property

August 20, 2019

Harmful Bees Vs. Beneficial Bees

There is something soothing about the hum of a bumble bee lazily droning around a flower garden on a hot summer day. Well, at least for some people. Others don't find anything soothing about bees at all. Whether you enjoy bees or not, it is important to remember that some bees are beneficial to have around--while others are decidedly not benefic...

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bumble bees

May 4, 2018