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What Termite Season Means For Your Moline Home

"Termites" is a frightening word to hear. The damage that termites can cause to your home can cost upwards of $3,000 to repair! It’s estimated that these pests cost Americans over five billion dollars a year. Here is some helpful information about how to protect your home from termites this year....

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a winged termite perched on a tree

March 9, 2020

Where Does Termite Damage Typically Occur In Quad Cities Homes?

When you hear the word termite what do you think of? Do you cringe? Do you picture thousands of tiny termites chewing away on a piece of wood? Termites can be beneficial in decomposing and recycling fallen trees and debris in our forests, but we often don’t think of them in a positive light. We tend to picture them where they don’t b...

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January 23, 2019

Summer Termite Prevention For Illinois Homeowners

Unfortunately for Illinois homeowners, termites don’t take the summers off. It is important to take the threat of Rock Island termites seriously throughout the year, but especially in the warmer seasons when they become more active. There are several steps homeowners can take during the summer to help prevent a termite infestation....

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technician installing termite bait station

July 13, 2018

Are You Ready For Termite Awareness Week?

National Termite Awareness Week is March 11-17, 2018 and is geared toward educating you, the public, on everything you need to know about termites in your home or business. You can look for a plethora of information flooding the internet during that time, but to get you started here are some basic facts about termites. ...

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termites up close in illinois

March 12, 2018

Exploring Termite Control Options

You protect your home and family from dangerous intruders by locking your doors, making sure that your windows are locked at night, and maybe even installing an alarm system. But are you protecting your home and family from tiny intruders that you probably will never see? No, we aren’t talking about the invisible man; we are talking about ...

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termites up close

September 29, 2017