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Moline's Mini-Guide To The Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach

Wood cockroaches are common outdoor insects in Moline that sometimes get into homes. If you're seeing these roaches inside your home, it is likely that you have questions. Here are some common questions we get about Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. See if your question is here....

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December 9, 2019

Best Way To Get Rid Of Wood Roaches

What’s the difference between a wood roach and other roaches? Should you do things differently to prevent wood roach infestations? How can you tell if you have a wood roach problem? These questions are some of the most commonly asked by homeowners wanting to keep their homes cockroach free....

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man carrying firewood in the snow

December 28, 2018

Most Common Places To Find Wood Roaches

Spring is fast approaching, and in the Moline, Illinois area that means wood roaches will be moving around in full force! Wood roaches, or wood cockroaches, are a species that usually make it into our homes by accident. While we’re doing our spring cleaning, airing out the house, and working on some new garden projects, humans have been kn...

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home with wood stove

February 13, 2018

October 13, 2017

Wood Roach Prevention Tips

Have you ever heard of a Pennsylvania wood cockroach, otherwise known as a wood roach? As their name indicates, they are typically found in wood, like under woodpiles, or in hollow trees and tree stumps. They are also extremely attracted to outside lighting, and will usually find their way into a home through a crack or space where light is shin...

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Are Wood Roaches Dangerous

Wood roaches are the most common insect in Pennsylvania. There are 12 species here, and the largest one is aptly named the Pennsylvania wood roach. This species of cockroach grows to be 1- 1 3/4 inches in length, where most other roaches are only up to 1 inch long. These large roaches can be chestnut brown or a darker brown with their thorax and...

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May 18, 2017