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Tips To Avoid Springtime Ants

The spring season is upon us, it is a time of year when everything becomes new once again and people, kids, and pets can finally get back outside and enjoy the warming weather. What is there not to love about spring? There are blooming flowers, budding trees, warm breezes, and chirping birds! But, if we are being truthful, perhaps there is one t...

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carpenter ant up close

April 11, 2018

How To Identify The Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow sac spiders are quite easy to identify since they are one of the smaller spiders at a little more than 1/4" in length and are unique in their coloring; predominantly a pale yellow, they can also have a slight green tint to them. They have long slim legs with small brown tips on the ends, and two rows of four dark brown eyes. They primaril...

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yellow sac spider on wall

February 22, 2018

Most Common Places To Find Wood Roaches

Spring is fast approaching, and in the Moline, Illinois area that means wood roaches will be moving around in full force! Wood roaches, or wood cockroaches, are a species that usually make it into our homes by accident. While we’re doing our spring cleaning, airing out the house, and working on some new garden projects, humans have been kn...

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home with wood stove

February 13, 2018

Types Of Ants That Are Problematic In The Winter

During the cold winter in Streator, Illinois most ants will go dormant. However, there are certain conditions that can cause carpenter ants to remain active during the cold months, and these ants can still pose a hazard to your home. This makes ants a year-round risk that requires year-round prevention and could require treatment even in the win...

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carpenter ant crawling on wooden surface

January 18, 2018