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Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips For Peoria Homeowners

Summer is always a busy time for stinging insects around Peoria, but you might notice an increase in yellow jacket activity as summer nears the end. Late summer and early fall are the time of year when yellow jackets are the most active because their food supply is dwindling and they are hunting for food....

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a yellow jacket of the prowl to establish a nesting place on a peoria illinois property

August 20, 2019

Why Yellow Jackets Are Making A Resurgence

There is nothing better than an unexpected snap of warm weather during the fall in the Quad Cities. We get a few extra days of picnicking outside, maybe get to take a dip in the pool, and savor the warmth before the cold winter sets in. But, unfortunately, our enjoyment of the outdoors can be hampered by the resurgence of yellow jackets...

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yellow jacket looking out form a nest

October 12, 2018