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Bettendorf, Iowa, is situated right on the Mississippi River; it is a city that offers its residents a place to live, love, and grow. It is home to educational opportunities, cultural events, and recreational opportunities, truly making it a premier city to live in. Bettendorf’s ample outdoor spaces make it a place where many different species of insects and rodents live.

To protect your home and/or business from the pests that also call Bettendorf home, trust the local pest control experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We have the modern pest control services that are needed to not only control pests, but to also eliminate them. Reach out to us today!


Active pests in Bettendorf, IA


Residential pest control services in Bettendorf, Iowa

Pest issues are a serious problem for homeowners. They are not something that can be ignored in hopes that they will magically go away. Pests can cause major structural damage to a property, can introduce disease, bacteria, and parasites into your home, can damage personal property, and can be a cause of stress and sleepless nights.

Don’t sit back and let Iowa pests take over your home. Take action by contacting the pest control experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. To protect your Bettendorf home from pests year-round, you can trust the services that are provided through our Home Guardian Service.

The Home Guardian Service provides the targeted, total elimination of common household pests and termites through an easy 5-step process which includes inspection, identification, pest management measures, and more! For a more comprehensive service, turn to our Home Guardian Service Plus which provides protection for your home against common household pests, termites, AND bed bugs!

Get rid of bed bugs in Bettendorf, Iowa

Bed bugs do not discriminate; they don’t care if the property they invade is spacious, cramped, dusty, or clean. They will enter any Bettendorf home or business without hesitation. The good news is that the experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators won’t hesitate to eliminate every single bed bug from your property.
Our bed bug removal services include:

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments
  • Conventional Bed Bug Treatments
  • K-9 Bed Bug Detection Services
  • Mattress & Box Spring Encasements

Our bed bug removal service can be completed as a stand-alone service, or they can be added to our Home Guardian Service to provide you with the most comprehensive pest protection possible for your Bettendorf home! Contact us today to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Bettendorf property.

Protect your Bettendorf business with Quik-Kill

Protecting your business from pests is not just about protecting your facility from damages, your products from being destroyed, or even the health and safety of your customers and employees - although those are all great reasons!

Protecting your business from pests is important in order to protect your hard earned reputation within the Bettendorf community; the simple fact is that customers are not going to want to frequent a business that has pest problems.
Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators have the experience and technology needed to provide effective commercial pest control services to a very wide range of industries including:

  • Restaurants, Bakeries, Taverns, and Lounges
  • Food processing facilities
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Buildings
  • Horse Ranches, Dairies
  • Education Facilities, Daycare Centers
  • And more...

Through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols, we provide inspection, baiting and monitoring programs, and exclusion techniques to reduce the use of insecticides while still providing customized, up-to-date, and cost-effective pest management for your Bettendorf facility.

Why choose Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators in Bettendorf, Iowa

Since 1929 Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has been providing residential and commercial Quad Cities pest control services. As our name states, we don’t aim to simply control pests, our goal is and always has been to completely eliminate them!

We are a local company that is family owned and operated which means we have a vested interest in the outcome of your pest control services because we live and work here too. We focus on our customers and use the latest technologies, protocols, and materials to ensure that the services we provide will maintain a pest-free environment in your Bettendorf, Iowa home or business.
In addition to residential, commercial, and bed bug services we provide the following services:

Do Rodents In Bettendorf Carry Diseases?

When you incur a rodent infestation in your Bettendorf home, you could be at risk of dangerous disease incursion. Most rodents in the Bettendorf area, like mice and rats, will typically hang out in some of the most highly contaminated areas of town, like sewers, landfills, and dumpsters.

As they move around your home, they will spread dangerous bacteria all over your stored items and meal-preparation areas, among other areas, possibly putting the entire household in danger of harmful diseases. Rodents can also carry the rabies virus, and they are capable of transmitting harmful parasites such as fleas and ticks to anyone in the house.

Since they can reproduce rapidly within your walls, it is hard to keep up with a rodent infestation on your own. The safest and most effective form of pest control is partnering with the pros at Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators. We have experienced pest control technicians and the latest in industry-leading rodent-prevention technology, so we can ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. Give us a call today to schedule a rodent inspection with one of our in-house residential pest control experts. 

How To Spot & Stop Box Elder Bugs In Bettendorf, IA

If you incur a box elder bug problem in your Bettendorf home, it can become overwhelming. These small black and orange bugs will congregate in your home in large numbers, especially as winter approaches. If you have box elder trees anywhere on your property, or near it, then these pests might choose your home as their next target. Box Elder bugs will seek protection within your walls as the temperature outside becomes dangerous for them. While they don’t pose a health threat, they could attract other problematic pests because of their large numbers.

The easiest way to spot a box elder bug infestation is by noticing these pests congregating near your windows outside. This could be a strong indication that they are finding some way into your home through a crack, crevice near the window, or vent opening. In order to stop box elder bug infestations, you might be tempted to try home remedies and DIY pest control methods, like sprays and vacuuming. However, this could leave a large majority of the infestation unaffected, allowing these pests to remain within your walls. 

If you want box elder bug control that you can count on, partner with the pros at Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our highly experienced residential pest control professionals will get to the root of the problem and prevent future issues with our comprehensive pest control services. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection on your Bettendorf property.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Lady Bug Infestations In Bettendorf?

If you incur a lady bug infestation in your Bettendorf home, it can be very frustrating to get rid of these invasive pests. As the weather begins to warm, lady bugs will come out from their hiding spots, which might have been in your home in the first place. These pests do not present much of a health threat (although some do bite when disturbed). However, lady bugs can be a severe nuisance because of their sheer numbers. 

These pests are very talented at squeezing through the cracks near your windows and reproducing rapidly within your walls. That’s why the winter and spring seasons can lead to so many lady bug problems in your home. It’s also why these pests can be very difficult to control on your own. While vacuuming lady bugs, dead or alive, can help to get rid of them, this solution does not cure the entire infestation. Fortunately for you, Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators has the premier lady bug prevention and eradication measures for Bettendorf homeowners. We will conduct a thorough inspection to get to the root of the problem, seal up any potential entry points, and eradicate any current issues with our kid- and pet-friendly pest control solutions. Why wait to deal with lady bugs when you can be on your way to getting rid of them with one phone call? Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection for your Bettendorf property.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Bettendorf, IA

If you’re dealing with bed bug problems in your Bettendorf home, you might not even notice the problem until you have a robust infestation. Allowing these pests to hang around for weeks can expose you to a variety of health problems like skin irritations, insomnia, and anemia. That's why spotting the signs of a bed bug infestation is the first step to getting rid of the problem. These signs include: 

  • Rust-colored rings from bed bug excrement 
  • Bloodstains on the sheets from feedings 
  • Red bite marks on your skin 
  • Musty odors on furniture 
  • Seeing egg casings, shed skins of bed bugs, or the bugs themselves

If you notice these signs, it's important to understand that there is very little you can do to get rid of a bed bug infestation completely. Spraying or vacuuming the surface of your mattress and furniture will only take care of a small fraction of the infestation, leaving the pests that are burrowed beneath the cushions completely unaffected. If you want bed bug control that gets to the root of the problem, then it's time to partner with the professionals at Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators. Give us a call today to set up an inspection and take back your nights from these frustrating home invaders.

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