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Moline is neatly wedged between the banks of the Mississippi River and the Rock River in the heart of the Midwest. Moline offers it's residents plenty of neighborhoods to call home, and plenty of recreational activities to keep families busy.

We have a bustling downtown, walking trails, nature preserves, and more. Moline has something to offer everyone. The plentiful outdoor space in Moline provides all the area that insects, spiders, rodents, and other pests need to successfully live and thrive.

To keep Illinois pests out of your home or business, trust the local pest experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We have the modern pest control services and experienced technicians needed to completely eliminate pests from any Moline residential or commercial property!


Active pests in Moline, IL


Residential Pest Control Services In Moline, IL

Implementing a residential pest control program is an affordable way to protect your home, your family, and your pets from the dangers and damages that pests can introduce. With our help, current pest problems will be completely eliminated and problems in the future with mice chewing on wires, spiders building webs in the basement, and ants foraging for food in the kitchen simply won’t happen.

Our year-round Home Guardian SM Service provides the targeted, total elimination of common household pests and termites. For a more comprehensive service, turn to our Home Guardian SM Service Plus which provides protection for your home from common household pests, termites, and bed bugs!

Through an easy 5-step process, Quik-Kill’s professionals provide a complete solution to pests with our residential services:

1. Inspection

2. Identification

3. Define the tolerance level of the pests, or the ability of the pests to cause medical, legal, or economic harm.

4. Pest management measures

5. Provide follow-up services to ensure that your home remains pest-free.

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Commercial Pest Control Services In Moline, IL

Through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators provides a progressive program of inspection, baiting and monitoring to reduce the use of insecticides while still providing commercial customers with superior and cost-effective pest management solutions.

At Quik-Kill we have experience controlling pests in a wide range of industries and businesses including:

  • Restaurants, bakeries, taverns, and lounges

  • Food processing facilities

  • Retail spaces

  • Hospitals and nursing homes

  • Medical Buildings

  • Horse ranches and dairies

  • Education facilities

  • Daycare centers

  • And more!

During our regularly scheduled visits, you will receive a thorough inspection of your facility to identify the areas where pest problems are likely to occur. The monitoring of those areas both visually and with sticky traps, the application of control agents, and the recommendation of sanitary improvements are provided with a written report of conditions favorable to pest infestations. 

To help Moline commercial properties maintain a pest-free environment we offer the following services in addition to our year-round pest management program: free pest identification service, bioremediation, termite control and prevention services, pest bird control and exclusion, a sanitation review/recommendation, and pest control consulting.

Mosquito Control In Moline, IL

To control mosquito numbers on your property throughout their entire active season we have developed a seasonal mosquito and tick program. Starting in March or April and ending in October, our pest management professionals will come to your property once a month to treat the foliage around your yard where mosquitoes are hiding and resting. Our professionals will also treat bushes, trees, and other surfaces around your home where mosquitoes are likely to be found.

As an added bonus, this service also helps to reduce the number of ticks that are found on your property. In addition to our mosquito and tick program, we offer two other options when it comes to limiting the number of disease spreading mosquitoes on your property:

Fully Automatic Mosquito Misting System
The fully automated, discrete mosquito control system emits a very fine mist of botanical insecticide through misting nozzles installed in the areas you use most. The system can also work on demand with the use of a provided hand held remote control. Plus, this system can help control other unwanted insects like spiders, flies, gnats and "no-see-ums".

Special Event Mosquito Treatment
One-time mosquito control services provide short-term relief from mosquitoes before a large outdoor event or gathering you're hosting.

To begin reducing mosquito numbers on your Moline property, contact the mosquito control professionals at Quik-Kill today!

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Moline, IL

The bed bug control professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators want to provide you with some easy steps that you can take to help avoid introducing bed bugs into your Moline home.

  • Routinely check your home, including places where you, your family, and your pets sleep, for signs of bed bugs.

  • When out and about in public places make sure to keep your coat, purse, bags, and suitcases up off the ground.

  • Before bringing luggage into your hotel room or any other space you will be staying in, inspect the mattresses, box springs, head boards, walls, linens, and wooden furniture for signs of bed bugs.

  • After traveling, remove all clothing from your suitcases and wash in hot water.

  • Vacuum and wipe out any suitcases that were used before placing them back into storage.

  • Routinely wash outwear like coats, scarves, and hats in hot water.

  • Don’t purchase used mattresses, box springs, or upholstered furniture.

Schedule routine professional bed bug inspections for your home. The sooner a bed bug infestation is found, the sooner we can begin the bed bug treatment! To schedule a bed bug inspection for your home, contact the bed bug control experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators!

How To Identify A Bat In Moline Area

There are several ways to identify a bat in the Moline area. Bats in Illinois tend to be small in size, around four inches in length, with large and leathery wings and pointy ears. They are usually active at night, and you can often see them flying around, making distinctive vocalizations.

While the sounds vary between bat species, they typically resemble high-pitched squeaks, trills, or clicks. They may also growl, bark, or even scream to communicate with each other, but many of their sounds are not detectable by human ears.

If you are dealing with bats in your Moline home, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can solve your problem effectively. Contact us today to schedule your initial home inspection.

The Many Problems Roosting Birds Can Create On Your Moline Property

Birds can cause a multitude of issues. Their droppings can damage the surface of buildings and could lead to slips and falls. They can also spread pathogens and diseases, build nests where they shouldn't (nests in chimneys can be a fire hazard), and drive away native species.

In Moline, you will primarily deal with pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. Male sparrows are typically chestnut brown on top with a grayish-tan underside, while females are tan with reddish-brown wings. Pigeons have gray metallic-looking feathers, weigh less than a pound, and can grow to 11 inches tall. Starlings are stocky with dark green speckled feathers and a beak that darkens when temperatures get colder.

If you are struggling with pest birds on your property, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can get rid of them quickly and safely with bird control strategies that include inspection, treatment, cleanup, and prevention tips. Call us today to get started.

Why Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control Often Fails In Moline

Cockroaches are scavengers that thrive in dirty, bacteria-ridden areas. They can quickly bring these pathogens back to your house and contaminate your surfaces and food supply. An ancient insect, cockroaches have adapted to many treatments which used to work well, and DIY cockroach control is often ineffective for many reasons, including the following:

  • Cockroaches are resilient: Many species have developed resistance to over-the-counter insecticides and are challenging to exterminate. They also reproduce extremely quickly.

  • Reinfestations are likely: Cockroaches can quickly re-infest an area if you have not removed the factors that attract them. It is important to seal cracks in your walls and foundations, keep food prep areas clean, ensure garbage cans are clean and tightly closed, and more.

  • Cockroaches hide easily: To eliminate a cockroach infestation, you must exterminate every single one, which can be tricky since these scavengers can hide under appliances and small cracks. Treating only part of the infestation is not enough since they multiply exponentially.

  • Cockroaches can be hazardous: Cockroaches can spread many pathogens, including salmonella, which can be life-threatening. It is crucial to get rid of them using safety precautions. Additionally, dead cockroaches can attract new ones and must be dealt with appropriately.

Cockroaches are dangerous scavengers that multiply quickly, spread pathogens, and cause allergic reactions. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators have the tools and expertise to exterminate cockroaches without risk to your household.

The Key To Total Spider Control For Moline Homes

Moline is home to various spiders, some of which can be venomous. Some types of spiders you might encounter include black widows, brown recluses, cellar spiders, house spiders, wolf spiders, and yellow sack spiders. The key to total spider control is a mix of prevention and treatments. Some strategies to keep them out of your Moline home include:

  • Sealing cracks and gaps: These common entry points are the perfect way for spiders to invade. Closing them can significantly decrease the amount of creepy crawlies getting indoors. 

  • Minimizing outdoor lights: While lights at night can be necessary for many reasons, they can also attract various pests that spiders prey on. A pest control professional can help you select lights that are less likely to get their attention. 

  • Keeping your yard clean: Leaves, firewood, debris, compost piles, and more can attract spiders. Keeping your yard tidy will make it less likely to attract them. 

  • Vacuum and dust your house: Removing spider webs and eggs can help deter an infestation. Because spiders often hide in cluttered areas, keeping a tidy home can discourage them from taking over.

  • Eliminate insect problems: If you have a bug infestation in your home, you are more likely to attract spiders who prey on them.

  • Schedule regular inspections: If spiders are a common problem in your home, scheduling inspections can help ensure they stay out year-round. 

Prevention strategies are often effective at preventing many spiders from coming inside, but they are not always practical. Additionally, it is best to let the pros handle venomous spiders. If you still have spiders in your house despite your best efforts, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators to eliminate them swiftly.

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