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The quaint neighborhoods, historic downtown, and endless occupational opportunities here in Morris, Illinois make it an attractive area for families to settle down. Many enjoy the benefits of living in Grundy County's seat, and all the families here have access to quality healthcare and innovative schools. Residents quickly become a part of this exciting community, and many enjoy rooting for the 3-time state champion Morris Community High School Redskins under the Friday night lights.

Another thing that Morris residents share in is the battle against unwanted pests like mice, roaches, termites, and more. For many, the answer to this struggle is simple...Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators offers industry-leading solutions for both residential and commercial clients that are effective, ecologically responsible, and affordable.

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Active pests in Morris, IL


Residential Pest Control Solutions In Morris, IL

Keeping pests like termites from damaging the structure of your Morris home and keeping pests like mice, cockroaches, and many others from transmitting diseases is a top priority for homeowners in our community, but sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to turn.

Many of your friends and neighbors throughout Illinois and southeast Iowa have come to rely on the trusted pest control services offered by Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. The professionals here at Quik-Kill have the tools, training, and technology to quickly and affordably eliminate pest pressures in your Morris home. When you combine that with nearly 9 decades of hands-on experience in local pest pressures, Quik-Kill can offer you some of the most innovative, effective, and environmentally responsible pest control solutions for your Morris home.

Our Home Guardian Services are the very best way available for you to keep pests from accessing your home throughout the entire year. Here’s what you can expect:

Home Guardian SM Service
The Home Guardian SM Service offers reliable protection for the most common pests to invade Morris homes plus the effective treatment of termites with Termidor. We also employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols to ensure that pests will not find their way into your home in the future!

Home Guardian SM Service Plus
This service offers all the same benefits of the Home Guardian SM Service, PLUS the added benefit of bed bug services. This is a great plan for those that travel a lot on business or for pleasure, and it is a great plan for those that want to be sure that they prevent bed bugs.

To learn more about our Home Guardian Services for year-round protection or any of our reliable stand-alone services, or to schedule your free pest inspection, contact us today.

Tips To Avoid Yellow Sac Spiders In Morris, IL

Keeping yellow sac spiders out of your Morris home or business can be an exhausting chore. It requires dedication and patience as you search for and seal any small cracks, gaps, or holes in your foundation, repair or replace torn or ill-fitting screens, caulk gaps around utility entrances, and place screens on all vents. But the work doesn’t stop here. You will also have to repair or replace loose or missing shingles and damaged siding, install chimney caps on chimneys, and trim foliage back away from the roofline, siding, and foundation.

Installing door sweeps under all exterior doors and using dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture inside your home is important too! Leaf and debris piles in your yard must be eliminated, and you should remove clutter in storage areas, closets, basements, and attics. The list seems endless, but at the end of the day, without reliable year-round preventative services in place, you may still end up hosting these unwanted pests inside your home. Many of your friends and neighbors have turned to the trusted team here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for affordable, effective services to eliminate yellow sac spiders and many other common household pests.

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Protect Your Morris, IL Business From Pests

You have worked hard for your business, and the last thing you need is for pests to make an appearance in your workplace causing damage to your products, your facility, and your reputation. Protecting your work environment from pests is an important part of keeping your business viable and your reputation intact. Many business owners here in Morris and throughout Illinois and southeast Iowa have turned to the trusted team of professionals here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for effective solutions to the never-ending threat of pests.

Our year-round commercial pest control services utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies which rely on exclusion techniques, habitat modification, sanitary improvements, and other non-chemical interventions that allow us to control pests with minimal use of chemicals. We customize our services to fit the specific needs of your property and your trade, making sure to meet all the requirements and standards set for your particular industry. On top of eliminating existing pest pressures and managing their ability to re-infest, we also provide our commercial clients with these industry-leading services:

  • Free pest identification

  • Bioremediation

  • Termite control and prevention

  • Pest bird control & exclusion

  • Sanitation review and recommendations

  • Pest control consulting

  • And much more...

To learn more about our services for your Morris commercial property or to discuss how we can help your business become and remain pest-free, contact us today.

How Mosquito Control Works In Morris, IL

With the fact that mosquitoes seem to infiltrate all corners of our country, you may wonder how mosquito control could possibly work to help reduce the number of these disease-spreading insects on your own Morris property. After all, it seems as if the moment you slap one, there are dozens more to take its place. Yet mosquito reduction services have been proven to be very effective at reducing mosquito populations. While mosquitoes are a pest that is plentiful in most areas, they really aren’t a pest that travels far from home. They generally will only wander up to 300 ft from their breeding site (some species will fly about a mile) which means that controlling breeding sites on your property will go a long way in reducing these dangerous pests.

The mosquito control experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators will help you to identify and eliminate sources of standing water on your property since these are where mosquitoes will breed. Then they will apply an approved product to resting and breeding sites to eliminate adult mosquitoes and prevent larvae from developing. Finally, they will return each month throughout the mosquito season to keep mosquito populations under control. Plus, our mosquito control solutions will also help to control tick populations too! To learn more about the seasonal mosquito control services offered by Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators or to learn about our special event treatments, simply give us a call today.

Ladybugs In Morris: Pest or Pal?  

With their distinct red coloring and black polka dots, the ladybugs that flit around Morris are hard to miss. While they’re associated with ecological benefits and good luck, ladybugs can develop into a complete nuisance. These pests aren’t known to eat away at fabrics, rather they eat aphids, which is helpful, but they populate in large numbers when they sneak inside the home. They also produce a foul odor that can be very unpleasant. And though they’re relatively harmless, ladybugs are also known to bite if they feel bothered. Some people may experience allergic reactions from these bites, which include rashes, welts, and tearing eyes. 

At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to provide our customers with lasting relief from ladybugs. We constantly work to understand the properties that we service so that we can create customized solutions that respect the ecosystem and use limited chemical applications. This progressive program utilizes routine follow-ups on our work, so we’ll be able to keep ladybugs from populating; we guarantee it. For more information on ladybug control, contact us today. 

So, You've Discovered Your Morris Home Has Bed Bugs; Now What?

It’s unfortunately very easy for you to develop a bed bug infestation in your Morris home due to how opportunistic these parasitic pests can be. Something as simple as going to run errands, eating at a restaurant, or taking the bus can put you into contact with bed bugs. Once an outbreak has started in your home, these pests feed off of your blood at night when your body temperature is at its warmest. Because they require one meal a week, bed bugs have little reason to ever leave your home. They are also capable of laying up to 250 eggs in a lifetime, which means populations can be very large.

When problems like these happen, the best thing you can do is contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for professional help. We begin with a free inspection in order to understand the scope of your infestation and determine how we’re going to treat your home. We typically combine steam and conventional treatments in order to treat upholstered items as well as crevices and foundations. We’ll return two weeks after your initial treatment to track the progress of our services and determine if re-treatment is necessary. Simply put, we won’t stop until your home is free from these pests. For more information on bed bug removal, contact us today.

How Morris Residents Can Prepare For The 2022 Termite Season 

Termite season can be detrimental and costly to Morris residents, with thousands of dollars in damages at stake for each impacted household. When it comes to preparing for the season, the best way locals can protect themselves is with professional help. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we are the team of pest experts that homeowners turn to for the ultimate protection from termites. Our services always begin with a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of a property, during which, our technicians are searching for problem areas, signs of an infestation, and any other conducive conditions. From there, we determine what the best course of action is for each home we serve. The two main types of treatments we utilize include:

  • Sentricon® System. This unobtrusive baiting system provides safe, round-the-clock protection from termites without the use of harsh chemicals. 

  • Termidor®. This liquid technology is geared at infecting subterranean termite populations in order to completely eliminate them.

All of our work comes with a warranty so that our customers don’t need to suffer from termite damage during the season or at any other time. For more information on reliable termite protection, contact us today.

A Handy Ant Control Guide For Morris Homeowners 

Morris homeowners face ant problems throughout the year because of a multitude of seemingly small issues that are actually a big deal. In order to prevent these sorts of issues, try the following tips:

  • Start by sealing up all cracks and crevices around the foundation with silicone-based caulk. For gaps around doors and windows, try weatherstripping and door sweeps. 

  • Check for dripping downspouts and spigots outside of the home and inside, look for problematic faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures. Rectify any issues that arise. 

  • Keep the yard free from debris build-up by removing leaf piles, pinecones, and tree branches, while also limiting the use of mulch. 

  • Pay special attention to sweet substances, whether it’s in the form of hand soap or jam because ants prefer these types of substances for meals. Tidy up any spills, take out the trash and recycling often, and clean out sink drains routinely. 

  • Always store food items in sealed containers, whether they’re on the counter, in the fridge, or pantry items. 

  • Keeping ants out of the home can be a truly difficult task without the help of a professional. Consider enlisting the help of a local pest expert. 

For the ultimate ant prevention services, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today. 

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