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The city of Plano, Illinois, (aka Smallville in the Superman movie “Man of Steel” 2011) is one of the fastest growing communities in Illinois. Since 2000, Plano has nearly doubled in size as families move into this agricultural town to enjoy the rich farmland and ample employment opportunities that are here. Whether you are meandering through the shops and restaurants downtown or donning your purple and white to cheer on the Plano High School Reapers on Friday nights, you understand that the way of life here in Plano is a way worth protecting. One of the ways that residents protect their homes and businesses from the harmful and damaging effects of pests like mice, cockroaches, ticks, and more is by implementing a year-round pest control plan from the experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is a local, family-owned pest solution provider that has been serving the communities of Illinois and Southeast Iowa since 1929. With a proven track record of success and access to the latest and most innovative tools and technologies, you can rely on Quik-Kill for all of your pest elimination needs. To learn more about our year-round residential Home Guardian SM Service, our comprehensive commercial pest control plans, or any of our other industry-leading pest control solutions for your Plano home or business, give us a call today.


Active pests in Plano, IL


Residential Pest Control Services In Plano, IL 

When you live in a rich, agricultural area like Plano, Illinois you already know that pests can become an issue. Mice, beetles, roaches, ticks, and many other creatures that also call Plano "home" can invade your yard and your home and damage structural wood, personal belongings, and treasured keepsakes. Some can carry and spread debilitating illnesses to you and your loved ones. Keeping these pests from accessing your home is imperative if you want to avoid the threat they pose which is why many of your friends and neighbors here in Plano and throughout Illinois have teamed up with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for year-round protection. Our Home Guardian SM Services are the affordable way to protect your home with effective products and reliable service. Our experts have developed two levels of residential service for you to choose from to ensure that you get the exact services you need.

  • Home Guardian SM Service – The Home Guardian service offers reliable protection for the most common pests to invade Plano homes plus the effective treatment of termites with Temidor. We also employ Integrated Pest Management protocols to ensure that pests will not find their way into your home in the future! 

  • Home Guardian SM Service Plus – This service offers all the same benefits of the Home Guardian SM Service PLUS the added benefit of bed bug services. This is a great plan for those that travel a lot on business or for pleasure, and it is a great plan for those that want to be sure that they will not have to deal with bed bugs. 

To learn more about our Home Guardian SM Services for year-round protection or any of our reliable stand-alone services, or to schedule a free pest inspection for your Plano home, contact us today. 

Types Of Rodents In Plano, IL 

Rodents are one of those pests that just keep on giving, but not in a good way. Rodents have the need to constantly gnaw in order to maintain the size of their front incisors. This annoying habit is why they are responsible for so much damage inside your Plano home or business as they chew on beams, insulation, pipes, personal belongings, wires, and anything else they can sink their teeth into. They have even been known to spark a fire when they chew on live wires! But the "gifts" just keep coming; rodents are also vectors. This means that they are capable of carrying and transmitting diseases to people and pets, and some of those diseases can be very serious. If that wasn’t enough, they often come into your home with several hundred (or more) of their closest friends; ticks, fleas, and mites. All of which are capable of spreading illnesses to you and your loved ones. No matter how you look at it, rodents should be unwelcomed guests in your Plano home which is why Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has effective rodent monitoring and control solutions for your Plano home.

Common rodents in Plano, Illinois include:

Deer Mice
These mice are approximately 2-4 inches long plus their 2-5 inch tail. Deer mice are gray, buff, or brown with a white belly. Their tails are covered in hairs that are dark on top and light on the bottom. 

House Mice
The house mouse is typically 5-7 inches long including their dark, almost hairless tail. House mice can be gray, black, or brown with a tan or buff belly. House mice have pointed muzzles, dark, beady eyes, large ears, and short feet. 

Norway Rats
The Norway rat is very large and ranges from 7-10 inches not counting its 6-8 inch tail. They are brown with black hairs mixed in, giving them a dirty, unkempt look. Norway rats have blunt noses and black bulging eyes.

Meadow Voles
The meadow vole, also known as field mouse or orchard mouse, is a small species measuring in at a mere 3-5 inches not including its tail. They are brown or black with a short tail, blunt nose, and rounded ears.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you keep rodents from damaging your Plano, Illinois home and spreading illnesses to your family.

Commercial Pest Control In Plano, IL 

When pests invade your Plano business, they can pose a significant risk. Not only can they damage sensitive machinery, contaminate food and other products, damage the structure of your buildings, and spread serious illnesses to your employees and patrons, but they can also damage your reputation and lead to increased audits and health inspections. They can even cause your doors to be locked! When faced with the task of keeping pests from infesting your Plano commercial facility, there is no better place to turn than the trusted team of specialists here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our year-round commercial pest control services utilize integrated pest management strategies which rely on exclusion techniques, habitat modification, sanitary improvements, and other non-chemical interventions that allow us to control pests with the minimal use of chemicals. We will customize our services to fit the specific needs of your property and your trade, making sure to meet all the requirements and standards set for your particular industry. To learn more about our effective solutions for your specific industry, contact us.

Learn How To Avoid Termite Damage In Plano, IL 

Because of their elusive nature, avoiding termite damage can be pretty difficult without the help of a reliable professional. Termites generally live in huge colonies deep underground and access the hidden recesses of your home via mud tunnels that they quietly construct up the side of your foundation. Once inside, these pests remain hidden from view as they consume the structural supports and other wooden objects inside your home. Their presence is typically revealed once the damages have become severe and floors begin to sag and walls begin to buckle. Noticing the subtle signs of a termite infestation early is the key to preventing these devastating and costly damages. Signs may include:

  • Seeing a swarm of winged termites.

  • Finding shed wings on window sills, decks, or in doorways.

  • Discovering mud tubes on the interior or exterior of your foundation.

  • Finding termite droppings in piles inside or outside of your home.

  • Sagging floors.

  • Hollow wood or wood that appears blistered or bubbled.

  • Rustling or chewing sounds coming from inside wooden beams or behind walls. 

If you suspect that termites have invaded your Plano home or business, or if you want to be sure that they never do, it is time to contact the termite experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our termite control professionals are authorized operators of the Sentricon® System with Always ActiveTM technology which is one of the most environmentally responsible, non-invasive ways to monitor for and completely eliminate termite colonies on your property. Another effective solution available to our highly skilled termite control experts is Termidor, which is the top termite defense product in America. Plus, termite control services are included in our year-round Home Guardian SM Services. To learn more about our effective termite monitoring and control services for your Plano property, contact us today!

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