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Living in Washington, Illinois means that you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits that this city offers to its residents, including excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, plentiful parks, and best of all, a vibrant community. Another great benefit to living in Washington, IL is that the pest professionals found at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can provide you with the latest technology and most modern pest treatment services on the market to protect your home or business from invasive pests. It is important understand that at Quik-Kill we do not just “control” pests, we eliminate them!


Active pests in Washington, IL


Residential Pest Control Solutions In Washington, IL

Let the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators provide you with the comprehensive residential services needed to completely eliminate pests from your Washington home. Through our Home Guardian SM Service, we will protect your home from pests and provide everything needed to eliminate current pest problems through:

  • A thorough inspection.

  • Identification of pests on the premises.

  • The installation of our Home Guardian Stations along the exterior perimeter of your home to protect it against termites.

  • The placement of interior pest monitoring devices.

  • The removal of pests and their residue.

  • Sealing openings found in the exterior of your home that may allow pests inside.

  • The adjustment of lighting to deter future pest infestations.

  • Pest trapping and removal, baiting Technology, and product application.

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Mice Prevention Tips For Washington, IL Residents

The best solution to preventing and eliminating destructive, disease-spreading, food-contaminating, and “ick”-inducing mice from invading your Washington home is to put Quik-Kill’s Home Guardian SM Service into place. Our Home Guardian SM Service will provide you with the services needed to quickly and completely eliminate current problems with rodents and prevent them from re-invading your home throughout the entire year.

In addition to implementing our professional services, doing the following things in and around your home can help to prevent problems with mice:

  • Trim back overgrown bushes and shrubs from the exterior of your home that mice can use to hide and live inside.

  • Make sure that all outdoor trash containers are kept at a distance from the exterior of your home and have locking lids.

  • Pick up uneaten pet food between feedings.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and fix, seal, or plug any openings that could allow rodents inside.

  • Store all food in your home either in the refrigerator or in containers with air-tight lids.

  • Keep storage areas in your home organized and clutter-free.

  • Regularly vacuum and mop floors, wipe down counters, and clean behind appliances.

Commercial Pest Control In Washington, IL

Let the professionals at Quik-Kill provide your Washington business with the industry-leading pest management solutions that are needed to ensure that pests aren’t just controlled in and around your facility, but that they are eliminated for good! Our commercial pest control program includes a thorough inspection of your facility to identify any areas that may allow pest problems to develop. We will then monitor those areas either visually and/or with sticky traps. We will also provide the application of a pest control agent (in most cases an odorless, vaporless bait is used) to get rid of pests currently found living in your facility. In addition, our professionals will offer sanitation recommendations and provide a written report of the conditions around your facility that may attract pests and lead to future pest infestations.

Don’t live with the threat of pests invading your business to cause damages, introduce disease, and destroy your business’s hard-earned reputation for one more day. Partner with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today!

Learn How To Identify Bed Bugs In Washington, IL

At Quik-Kill, we understand that knowing whether or not bed bugs are in your home can be difficult to determine. If you aren’t in the bug business, bugs all tend to look the same! To have the peace of mind to know for sure whether or not bed bugs are actually living inside of your Washington home, contact the bed bug experts at Quik-Kill so that we can perform a free, thorough inspection. During the inspection, our specially-trained experts will confirm if bed bugs are present, determine the size of the infestation, and identify any affected areas of your home. After the inspection is completed, we will provide a free quote for treatment. To treat an infestation, we will use a combination of conventional and steam-based treatment options. Our professionals will return to your home two weeks after the initial treatment to re-inspect your home and make sure that the infestation has been completely eliminated.

This process will repeat itself until ALL bed bugs have been eliminated from your home. Contact us today to learn more about our highly effective bed bug elimination services!

What To Do When The Birds In Washington Are No Longer Charming

Among the many pastimes people enjoy in Washington, bird watching has become a favorite for those who enjoy connecting with nature while appreciating the varied species of these flying creatures. From the American tree sparrow and red-throated loon to the dark-eyed junco and evening grosbeak, there’s never a shortage of spectacular sightings of this winged and feathered species to gaze upon. 

However, only some types of birds are worthy of carving out time during your weekend to see. House sparrows, European starlings, and pigeons are notorious for congregating in large flocks, causing significant daily disturbances, such as squawking or cooing nonstop. Even worse, birds that roost in your home or office building leave droppings, which are highly acidic and can cause significant structural damage. Accumulated bird waste can also create slippery walkways and sidewalks, resulting in falls and injuries. 

Regardless of the specific nuisance bird, addressing the situation is crucial before the problem worsens. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators provides the most effective bird control methods to salvage your structures and restore peace and quiet. 

Reach out to us today to learn more about the services we provide to help you keep your property free of birds. 

What Every Washington Homeowner Needs To Know About Bees

The Washington area is a small, walkable town with a close-knit community populated with friendly people and charming neighborhoods. However, an element that lives among our residents may not be as delightful – stinging insects. 

Although bees play an integral role in the smooth running of our ecosystem, these pests aren’t as welcomed during backyard barbeques and outdoor birthday parties. Surprisingly, these insects don’t have to be destroyed to control their populations effectively. Many reputable pest specialists work with wildlife services and beekeepers to relocate them safely. 

Comprehensive property inspections are the quickest and most effective way to determine the best action. Professional pest specialists have acquired the knowledge, training, and skills to locate bee colonies and assess the severity of the infestation. After the evaluation, service technicians can devise a plan to remove them safely.

Stinging insects swarming around your Washington property can make enjoying it a challenge. Thankfully, you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way and risk an attack to rid your residence of these pests. 

Our highly experienced staff at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators provides advanced bee control services to eradicate an infestation fast. Contact us today so we can schedule your courtesy inspection right away. 

Problems Bats Cause In Washington Homes

From folklore and urban legends to horror movies and Halloween frights, bats have been a cultural symbol of all things ominous for more than 100 years. Despite their beneficial contributions to the ecosystem, they still can’t shake that neck-biting, bloodsucking reputation that precedes them.

While Washington residents need not fear any mythical vampiric behavior exhibited by these flying mammals, they certainly aren’t clear when dealing with other types of problems they cause. See the real reasons why you don’t want bats lurking around your property: 

  • Bats are hosts to bugs that attach to their skin and travel wherever they go, which could cause a secondary pest infestation.

  • Bats can carry and transmit diseases, such as rabies, which is highly dangerous and known to affect the central nervous system seriously.  

  • Bats can settle into your house long-term to birth their offspring and raise them, which causes structural damage and creates a health hazard with their build-up of waste.

Bat excrement, also called guano, can cause an infection called histoplasmosis by inhaling the fungal microscopic spores that their droppings produce. 

For the best way to control bats in Washington, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is the right company to choose. We’d be delighted to discuss your situation and schedule an inspection. 

How To Stop Spring Cockroaches From Invading Washington-Area Homes

Many Washington residents relish this small city’s cozy, quaint, and peaceful atmosphere. But as perfectly picturesque as the area may appear, many property owners have had to deal with an entity far more despicable. 

Five main cockroach species call the Washington area home as well. They include the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach, the Pennsylvania wood cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. The Pennsylvania wood cockroach is the least intrusive of the five, as it prefers to stay outdoors. In addition, they don’t cause structural damage or spread disease.

However, the other four types of roaches pose a health and safety hazard as they can contaminate your food and leave virus-causing bacteria on any surface they touch. With a lightning-fast reproduction rate, their population can double in just a few short months.

To keep them out, seal up cracks, crevices, and gaps in your home’s exterior. Also, keep a clean and tidy home, store all uneaten food in airtight containers, wash up dirty dishes, and secure your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.

Allow Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators to show you how to deter cockroaches for maximum results. Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections, locating insect nests with pinpoint accuracy, and devising effective strategies for complete elimination. Give us a call today!

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