How To Prepare Your Davenport Lawn For Spring Ants

Colony of red and black ants on a rock surface.

Warm weather, sunshine, green grass, and ants are all things we can look forward to as summer approaches. But we might appreciate some of those things a little more than others. Unfortunately, ants are an inevitable part of summer and backyard fun in the Davenport area. Ants aggressively colonize yards, and sometimes homes, in the spring and summer but there are DIY steps you can take to stop them. If that doesn’t work, all is not lost, professional pest control technicians can come to your rescue.

Why Ants Aggressively Colonize Yards and Homes in Spring and Summer

Ants, like many pests, are most active in the warm months. As the temperature starts to rise, ants that have been dormant in the winter begin to emerge and start preparing for reproduction and colonization. Your yard may be the perfect place for them to start digging their tunnels and making their nests. Ants like to eat sugary nectars and juices as well as the honeydew from aphids. If you have a lush full yard and gardens that are teaming with other insects, then you may be inviting ants to take up residence in your lawn this summer.

The Damage Ants do and DIY Steps to Stop Them

For the most part, ants out in your Davenport backyard won’t cause you or your lawn much trouble. At a minimum, the ant hills may be a nuisance and cause a bit of brown grass or make you stumble if you step on one. The bigger problem is that they can attract other pests who feed on them, pests such as caterpillars, flies, beetles, and spiders. And if ants make their way from your lawn to your home, they can contaminate your food and spread bacteria.

To keep ants away you’ll want to make your lawn as unattractive as possible. Keep moisture to a minimum by only running sprinkler systems when necessary and trimming grass short. Remove dead and decaying vegetation including leaves and rotting tree stumps and branches. Keep gardens and landscaping well maintained. Keep outdoor trash sealed and don’t leave food out in your yard, whether it is pet food, compost, or garden waste.

When and Why You Should Call a Professional to Take Care of Ants

It may not seem like ants in your Davenport lawn are anything to worry about, however, they can become a nuisance. Left to run free, their ant hills can become excessive and their invasion of your summer picnics is no fun. It’s often best to call for pest control before you have a problem as it’s easier to be proactive rather than reactive to a pest issue. However, anytime you want help protecting your lawn and home from ants in the Rock Island and throughout the Quad City area's, call us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We can help you choose the Home Guardian year-round service that will keep your yard free of pesky ants all summer long.

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