Little-Known Ways Pigeons Cause Big Problems For Bettendorf Property Owners

Flock of pigeons outside of a door.

While out in nature, we all enjoy watching for and spotting birds. Even within cities, songbirds perched in trees add an enjoyable taste of the pastoral within these urban settings. However, pigeons may not be as welcome wandering the streets of our cities. Pigeons are used to being around humans, and they can be quite brazen about coming up to people asking for food.

You likely won't think about pigeons being a problem until they become one. These birds can be found all over the country and are quite adaptable as they nest anywhere from warehouses and commercial buildings to cliffs. They reproduce quickly, and as they grow in number, their feces will become a problem. They also eat almost anything they can find including scraps of food.

Pigeons actually aren’t native to North America. They were introduced to this continent from Europe in the 1600s, and, throughout history, humans used them for food and entertainment. As a result, this bird is quite comfortable around people.

Problems Pigeons Pose

While pigeons may seem like a normal resident in cities, they can pose a risk and become a problem if their population grows too large. Pigeons are especially a problem pest for commercial property owners and business owners.

  • Pigeon droppings cause buildings to deteriorate more quickly and are costly to clean up.
  • Their droppings are toxic. They not only smell, but they can also kill plants.
  • Pigeon droppings pose a health risk spreading bacteria and diseases including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, and E.Coli.
  • Pigeons can be an aesthetic issue making a building look unclean.
  • Pigeons are bad for business as they will ruthlessly beg for and steal food.
  • Lastly, pigeons sometimes get caught in machinery and roof vents which means costly repairs.

Overall, dealing with pigeons around your business will likely damage your property and your reputation.

Preventing Pigeons Around Your Business

One of the best ways to keep pigeons from posing an issue for your business is to prevent their population from growing around your building. There are some measures that you can take to keep pigeons away. Most effectively, you can eliminate areas where they like to roost or nest.

  • Use netting to keep them from being able to nest.
  • Prevent pigeons from landing using spikes or other methods.
  • Use plastic snakes or scare balloons, although these are only a short term solution.
  • Do not allow others to feed pigeons near your business.
  • Use outdoor trash receptacles with lids.

However, because pigeons are so used to being around humans and are adept at making nests, it can be difficult to prevent them from becoming a problem once they start to gather.

Getting Rid of Pigeon Problems

Pigeons can be a problem year-long, and they can be hard to prevent and get rid of on your own. The best way to get rid of a pigeon infestation is to contact the specialists at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We use effective methods such as netting and fogging to keep pigeons at bay.

Our pigeon control services also include a humane anti-roost system that keeps them from nesting using spikes, coils, and gels. In short, our services can remove pigeons while still keeping them alive.

To learn more about our personalized pigeon control services in Bettendorf, contact us today.

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