Wilmington, IL Pest Control

With its plentiful outdoor space, historic downtown, and a booming business district, Wilmington offers its residents the very best combination of suburban and rural living. To protect your home or business from the pests that also choose to live in Wilmington, turn to the local pest experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Since 1929, Quik-Kill has been solving a wide variety of pest problems throughout Illinois and parts of Iowa. We take pride in being able to put into place the latest technological advances to ensure the complete elimination of pests from any property. Just “controlling” pests isn’t good enough. At Quik-Kill we believe in nothing less than the complete elimination of our customers' pest problems!


Active Pests In Wilmington, IL


Residential Pest Control In Wilmington, IL

For the complete solution to your Wilmington home’s pest problems, turn to the local pest control experts with over 85 years of experience - Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our home pest services offer the complete solution to and comprehensive protection from bugs and rodents. By partnering with Quik-Kill, pests won’t just be “controlled”, they will be completely eliminated as a threat to your property. Our year-round Home Guardian SM Service offers the targeted, total elimination of common household pests and termites. By creating and maintaining an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program we can keep insects and rodents out of your home, no matter the season or weather.

We also offer our Home Guardian SM Service Plus as another option to protect your home from pests. This program is perfect if you or your family members travel often. Not only does the Home Guardian SM Service Plus protect your home and family from common household pests and termites, but also protects it from parasitic, stress-inducing bed bugs! Give us a call to learn more about either of our highly effective Home Guardian SM Service options!

Types Of Ants That Are Common In Wilmington, IL

The most common species of ants found living around and invading properties in Wilmington include:

While most species are simply a nuisance to have to deal with, some cause more serious issues inside of Illinois homes. Carpenter ants can tunnel through and create nesting areas inside the structural wood, weakening the integrity of the wood over time, along with contaminating food sources inside your home as they forage for food. Another dangerous ant species is the Pharaoh ant. These ants have the potential to carry and transmit serious bacteria and disease that can make the people living inside of the buildings that they are invading very ill. To help protect your property from ants, contact the ant control experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Your best bet to eliminate ants from your home is to implement our Home Guardian SM Service. This year-round service targets ants and other household pests that are common to our region. To learn more about controlling highly invasive, and potentially dangerous and damaging ants in your Wilmington home or business, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions In Wilmington, IL

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators offers customized, industry-leading pest management solutions to completely eliminate pests from Wilmington businesses. Through Integrated Pest Management we provide modern commercial pest control services that consist of considerate and helpful methods such as inspection, baiting, and monitoring, rather than a simple blanket chemical application. Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection to help identify areas of your facility where pest problems have the potential to pop-up. We also provide baiting services which include the application of odorless, vaporless bait (in most cases), monitoring programs, sanitation recommendations, and a written report of conditions favorable to pest infestations. For additional information about eliminating insects, rodents, and other reputation damaging pests from your Illinois commercial property, contact Quik-Kill Eliminators today.

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Wilmington, IL

Bed bugs have the potential to be found in almost any public place, as they move from location to location by hitchhiking their way on people or their belongings. This means that almost anywhere that there are large groups of people coming and going, there could unfortunately also be bed bugs coming and going. Preventing or avoiding bed bugs on your own is a difficult task, which is why at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators we offer highly effective bed bug elimination and prevention services to help you win the fight against bed bugs. Our bed bug control options include:

  • K-9 bed bug detection services

  • Bed bug heat treatments

  • Conventional bed bug treatments

  • Mattress and box spring encasements 

Our bed bug service can be completed on its own or as part of our Home Guardian SM Service Plus. Scheduling routine bed bug inspections from the professionals at Quik-Kill can help to provide you with the peace of mind needed to know that your property is free of bed bugs, or if necessary, allow treatment to begin as quickly as possible. To learn more about our bed bug control services, contact us today!

Why Bats Hang Around Wilmington Properties

Bats in Wilmington are fond of all the comfortable accommodations you enjoy daily. These winged mammals don’t just come around for no reason. They’re constantly searching to fulfill their basic needs and find shelter, food, and water, which your residence substantially provides.

For the best way to control bats in Wilmington, learn what elements on your property attract bats like a magnet and address those issues promptly. Bats are insectivores, meaning their diet primarily consists of insects, and these creatures consume a pest smorgasbord. From moths to beetles to mosquitoes and more, bats gobble up many nuisance pests homeowners despise. So, if bats hang around, there’s a good chance your property may be infested with another pest.

Moisture is another attractant for bats. These creatures drink a lot of water and must live near a reliable water source. Pregnant or nursing bats require an even higher intake of H2O. Make sure to dry up excess moisture and remove stagnant or standing water around your property. 

If bats have become uncomfortable at your residence, reach out to Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We offer bat removal and exclusion services to restore your quality of living and peace of mind. Contact us today!

Why Professional Bee Removal In Wilmington is Worth It

Although we can’t deny the agricultural benefits of bees and their importance to our ecosystem, these stinging insects can potentially cause harm when swarming around your Wilmington residence. In addition, the weight of large bee colonies can damage the structural components of your home, like roofs, walls, and chimneys.

The location of beehives may make doing simple tasks around your home or office a challenge. Often, these insects build their nests near windows or doors where you enter and exit. It’ll be brutal convincing friends to come over for brunch if they have to dodge a swarm of bees to get inside. 

It’s understandable to want bees off your property as quickly as possible, but resist the urge to remove a beehive yourself. Not only is it a complex process, but it’s also a dangerous one, especially if you’re allergic to their venom. Anyone who suffers from severe allergies should stay far away from bee colonies. Bee stings are also incredibly painful, so you want to avoid getting stung at all costs.   

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators provides professional bee control services to remove beehives and nests from your property quickly and safely. Our highly experienced team possesses the modern resources, background, and knowledge to restore the peacefulness and safety that your home should provide. 

Give us a call directly or complete our online form to request a comprehensive property inspection. 

Tips For Ridding Roaches From Wilmington Homes

Your relatives visiting from out-of-town may not be the only ones coming for an extended stay. In Wilmington, it’s not uncommon for roaches to make their grand entrance. These intrusive and despicable pests bring a heap of germs and bacteria that they freely spread around your home.

If roaches have taken over your home, the time to get them out is right now. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators delivers the most effective solutions to eliminate a cockroach infestation in record time. These fast-reproducing insects can create a massive problem the longer they’re inside your home as their population can double, and even triple, in only months.

Once we service your property and resolve your cockroach issue, focus your attention on exclusion methods to prevent future pest invasions. We’ve provided some tips below:

  • Clear away yard clutter and clean gutters.

  • Eliminate or reduce the mulch surrounding your property.

  • Block off as many entry points as possible by filling in cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes. 

  • Remove potential hiding places, like newspapers, stacks of cardboard boxes, and similar materials. 

  • Repair water leakage and poor drainage issues like drippy pipes and faucets.

If you’d like more information on how to deter cockroaches for a pest-free home all year-round, give Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators a call, and we’d be happy to assist.

What To Do About Pest Birds Around Your Wilmington Property

Whether it’s your humble abode or place of business, pest birds roosting on your property is not only a nuisance but can also cause structural damage and pose a health and safety hazard. 

These flying creatures cause disruptions with their constant cooing and screeching, making it difficult to get work done during the day or relax with your thoughts while sipping a hot cup of coffee. 

At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we help our residents remove their property from bothersome pests. Our advanced bird control methods quickly rid your place of these flying annoyances, reestablishing a calm, quiet, and safe environment. 

Get in touch with us today so we can schedule a courtesy inspection before devising the appropriate plan of action to rid your property of birds once and for all.

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