Pharaoh ants

What do pharaoh ants look like?

Pharaoh ants are a small species of ant with workers growing to about 1/16 of an inch in length. Queens are slightly larger in size, growing to 1/8 of an inch in length. Pharaoh ant workers are pale red to yellow-brown; their abdomens are usually darker than the rest of the body and can have red or black markings on it. Queens are darker in color than the workers.

Where are pharaoh ants found?

Pharaoh ants are not your typical nuisance species of household ants. These ants are found living and nesting inside Quad City businesses and homes more than outside. They often invade houses, food processing facilities, grocery stores, hotels, and hospitals. They are of particular concern in hospitals because they have been found in patient wounds and IV bags, and have the ability to transmit a variety of dangerous bacteria as they travel.

Inside, these ants nest in warm, humid areas near food and water sources. Common nesting sites include inside wall voids, behind baseboards, in furniture, under floors, and even between linens. They will move inside and between homes and other buildings using electrical wires and cables as their own personal highway system.

If pharaoh ants do create a nest outside, they will do so in a shaded area or underneath piles of organic debris.

Also, if they sense chemicals or are disturbed, they can quickly form new nests by “budding”. One queen, a few adults, and some pre-adults can migrate from the original colony to start a new nesting site and colony.

What do pharaoh ants eat?

Pharaoh ants are not picky when it comes to their diet. Basically, if it is in front of them, they are going to eat it. Pharaoh ants tend to swarm together on the foods that they come across. Outside, pharaoh ants tend to feed on other dead insects. Inside homes and businesses they like to feed on meats, nuts, cheese, bread, grease, pet food and other proteins, sweets, and oils.

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DIY pharaoh ant prevention and control tips

There are several steps that you can take to help prevent pharaoh ants from being attracted to and gaining entrance inside your home or business. Make sure that firewood piles are stored up off the ground and away from your home. Outside trash cans should have locking lids on them and be stored a good distance away from the outside of your property. To stop pharaoh ants from getting inside, seal cracks and crevices found in your home’s foundation, caulk gaps around windows and doors, and seal the spaces found around pipes, utility lines, and wires that enter your home. It is also a good idea to reduce areas of high humidity in your property by using dehumidifiers and/or air conditioners.

Professional pharaoh ant control

If you’re concerned about pharaoh ants in your home or business, our ant control professionals have experience dealing with pharaoh ants and will use their training and experience to resolve infestations in your structure(s). For more information about our residential or commercial pest control services, that target pharaoh ants, please contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today.

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