A Practical Guide To Sparrow Control In Streator

sparrow in tree

Are you having trouble with little brown birds with black chins and white bellies? It wouldn't be surprising. Those little brown birds are called sparrows, and they are one of the three most common pest birds in the United States. Why are they such pests? Because we provide the three things these birds desire most: food, water, and protection from the elements. Food in the form of insects, seeds, and trash. Water in the form of puddles and containers in our yards. And they find protection from the elements under rooflines, up inside rafters, in the downspouts of gutter systems, in electrical boxes, and more. Our properties are very attractive to sparrows, and this can lead them to become pests for us. Today, we're going to give you a quick and practical guide for sparrow control. This guide won't cover all of the control methods that can help you to protect your property and landscaping, but they should help to give you a clear understanding of what you're up against.

Clean Those Gutters

If your gutters are not clean, they can provide a drinking hole for sparrows. Water that pools in your gutters is an ideal water source for these birds. They'll also drink from puddles that form near your foundation walls, due to overflowing gutters and oversaturated soil. Cleaning your gutters can remove this water source. But sparrows can create nests in your gutters, which can create a blockage for water. So, you'll need to do routine checks and ongoing cleanings to prevent water from pooling. Or you'll need to apply an exclusion installation to keep these birds out of your gutters. There are modern gutter systems that are resistant to bird nest creation and the collection of leaf debris. This might be a helpful solution if sparrows are an ongoing problem on the roofline of your home.

Cover Grass Seed

Do sparrows keep plucking up the new turfgrass you keep putting down? You can lay something on top of your grass seed to protect it. Experts suggest straw, burlap sheets, or some form of bird deterrent that scares the birds away when they come to feed, such as a sound creation device that is activated by motion.

Cover Trash

These little birds are scavengers. You would be amazed at some of the things they'll eat in your trash. Make sure you put exterior trash in covered containers. This will keep those little birds out.

Seal Entry Points

If you have holes in your home, sparrows are likely to take advantage of them. They can get into your home through entry points from the bottom to the top. You'll need to use a caulking gun, some expanding foam, or both, to get those holes patched up. Pay close attention to your eaves and soffits. These are highly vulnerable areas.

If You Need Help

If you make it difficult for sparrows to find food, water and shelter on your property, you could discourage them enough to have them go away on their own. Sadly, some sparrows are going to be persistent. In these cases, we can help. We use a wide selection of humane bird control solutions, such as netting, anti-roost systems, bird aversion fogging, and visual or audio deterrents. We also provide bird trapping for the extraction of birds from your property. Our services are comprehensive, and can come with Specialized Cleaning & Sanitation service, which addresses the nesting and roosting sites around your property.
When you've had all you can take of sparrows, or other pest birds, you can count on our bird control specialists to get control of those frustrating pests, in a gentle and humane way. We'll let those birds know that they are not welcome on your property.
If you have questions or you would like to request service, reach out to us today for immediate assistance. It's easy to get started. Request a free, no-obligation, inspection. We'll let you know what you're up against, and what products will work best to get the right control for your specific needs and budget. 

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