Brown-banded Cockroaches

What do brown-banded cockroaches look like?

a brown banded cockroach on a dining room table in geneseo illinois

The appearance of the brown-banded cockroach depends on whether the cockroach is a male or female. Males grow to be about 1/2 inch in length, are light brown, tan, or black, have fully developed wings, and are capable of short flights. Females are shorter, darker in color, and have a wider body shape than the males. Their shorter wings do not cover their abdomens, and they are not capable of flight. Another way to identify this species is by their droppings. Their feces look similar to black flecks or smears and are found on crown molding, behind picture frames, and along light fixtures in homes and properties that they are infesting.

Where are brown-banded cockroaches found?

Brown-banded cockroaches are usually found living inside Iowa or Illinois buildings, preferring to live in very warm (over 80 degrees), dry environments. They are typically introduced into homes and buildings through already infested packages, boxes, and used appliances and furniture. Brown-banded cockroaches like to live in the higher areas of your home far away from any water sources, instead of in basement areas like other species of cockroaches. It is common to find these pests in attic spaces, behind large appliances, door frames, switch plates, and even inside furniture.

What do brown-banded cockroaches eat?

Brown-banded cockroaches are omnivores and eat a wide variety of foods. They will basically consume anything that has an organic component to it. From food scraps to glue, brown-banded cockroaches will eat it.

DIY brown-banded roach prevention and control tips

Preventing brown-banded cockroaches from invading your home is very important to the health and safety of you and your family. A good way to prevent an infestation of brown-banded cockroaches is to thoroughly inspect packages and used appliances or furniture for signs of the roaches and their feces before introducing them into your home. Inside your home, it is important to regularly clean behind large appliances, and vacuum and mop floors often. Food should never be stored out in the open on counters or tables, dishes should be washed regularly, and trash and clutter should be removed from your home.

Professional brown-banded cockroach control

For effective cockroach control, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is the smart choice. In fact, we don’t just control these pests, we eliminate them using the most advanced methods and tools in the industry. If you’re dealing with brown-banded cockroaches, give us a call or simply fill out our form to find out how we can help you get rid of roaches in your home or business.

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