Cicada Killer Wasps

What do cicada killer wasps look like?

a cicada killer wasp on a leaf outside of a home in wilmington illinois

Eastern cicada killer wasps are a large species of wasp. Adults can grow to between 2 to 3 inches in length. They vary in color from black to red with yellow banding on their abdomens. Cicada killer wasps have reddish-brown heads and large transparent wings that are brown and heavily veined.

Where are cicada killer wasps found?

Cicada killer wasps are not social insects, they are solitary. Instead of making a nest, they create underground burrows in Quad City. The female cicada killer wasp digs about 12 inches into the ground to create individual cells inside of the burrows to lay her eggs in. Cicada killer wasps create their burrows in places like open sparse lawns, sandy areas, window boxes, and along the edges of sidewalks, concrete slabs, and foundations.

What do cicada killer wasps eat?

Adult cicada killer wasps feed on nectar and other plant juices. Female cicada killer wasps hunt cicada and other insects, stinging and paralyzing their prey. The female then takes the prey back to her burrow where it is used as a food source for their developing young after they hatch.

DIY cicada killer wasp prevention and control tips

It can be very difficult to control cicada killer wasps and keep them from nesting on your property. It is helpful to make sure that your lawn is healthy and lush, fixing any spots of dead grass or bare areas. Cicada killer wasps are beneficial because they help to control nuisance cicada populations. The males do not sting; and the females, while capable of stinging, rarely do. Unless they have become a direct threat to you or your family, they can generally just be left alone.

Professional cicada killer wasp control

If cicada killer wasps or other stinging insects have become a threat your home or commercial property, please contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators to discuss treatment options.

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