Clover Mites

What do clover mites look like?

a clover mite on a leaf outside of a home in pekin illinois

A close relative of ticks and spiders, clover mites are tiny red bugs that appear in large numbers. Adults have four pairs of legs, a soft oval-shaped body, and grow only about 1/64 of an inch in length.

Where are clover mites found?

Clover mites are often found around Iowa or Illinois homes and buildings feeding on fertilized, healthy grass and clovers. They also congregate on sidewalks, patios, brick walls, and the sunny side of structures. They may also sneak inside through cracks and openings. Inside, they’re likely to be found on window sills, walls, and furniture.

What do clover mites eat?

In addition to their preferred food sources mentioned above, clover mites will feed on plants, trees, shrubs, weeds, and crops.

DIY clover mite prevention and control tips

Though clover mites are not dangerous, most property owners don’t want to deal with them, and if they are squished they could leave behind a noticeable red stain. To avoid thousands of clover mites infesting your home, our team recommends the following tips:

  • Place a stone or crushed rock barrier that is at least 18 inches wide between the foundation of your home and any grass or mulch.

  • Seal the tinniest of gaps found in the foundation and exterior walls of your home, and caulk gaps found around windows and doors.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any clover mites that have already entered your house to avoid creating a stain.

Professional clover mite control

For a professional solution to your clover mite problem, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Providing residential and commercial pest control services in parts of Illinois and Iowa since 1929, our experienced pest control company has the training and equipment to help you get rid of pests, no matter how severe. Reach out to us today!

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