Conditions That Allow Mosquitoes To Thrive

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Mosquitoes are a serious threat everyone in Illinois can live without. Unfortunately, Illinois provides mosquitoes with everything they need to thrive. Let's take a look at these conditions and see what we can learn that will help us prevent bites.


In spring, summer, and fall, the temperatures in Illinois and Iowa are perfect for mosquitoes to hatch and multiply. During the summer, they multiply even faster. This is because the ideal temperature for mosquitoes is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In the 80's, the body of a mosquito moves like a well-oiled machine. Conversely, mosquitoes slow down when it gets cold. Some species completely die off during the winter, except for the eggs they lay in still water. This is the case with Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which are linked to the spread of many dangerous mosquito-borne viruses. When the temperature drops to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will search your yard for any items that can hold at least an inch of water. Therefore, our prevention tip for this condition isn't a summer tip. It's actually a winter tip.

Winter Mosquito Tip

When you remove objects from your yard that hold water, you can reduce the number of mosquito eggs that will hatch during the spring.


The more still water mosquitoes can find, the more offspring they can produce all year long. In spring, when we get a lot of precipitation in Illinois and Iowa, mosquitoes find all kinds of places to lay their eggs in our yards. Some of them might surprise you. For still water, we have some spring tips for you.

Spring Mosquito Tips

  • A tire swing: If you have one of these in your yard, consider poking a hole in the bottom of the tire to allow the rainwater to drain out. Poking a hole in the bottom of any container in your yard is a good idea.

  • Gutters: When a gutter gets obstructed by leaves, it gives mosquitoes the perfect location to breed. Routinely check and clean your gutters.

  • Bird baths: If you have one of these, it is important to change the water routinely or have a professional apply a larvicide to keep mosquitoes from breeding here.

  • Toys: When kids leave toys around the yard, they can become breeding sites. Keep those toys picked up as much as possible.

  • Kiddie pools: When your kids aren't in the pool, turn it over to prevent rainwater collection.

Humidity and Moisture

Mosquitoes are moisture pests. They need moisture to survive. The sun dries them out. This is why mosquitoes are more active in the morning and evening, and why they hide in shaded locations during the day. Our summer tips focus on how to use this against them.

Summer Mosquito Tips

There are some plants that mosquitoes don't like. Planting these around your home can make your home less attractive to mosquitoes. It isn't going to keep all the mosquitoes away, but it can reduce how many mosquitoes hide near your home. Every little bit counts. Some plants that repel mosquitoes are citronella grass, lavender, scented geraniums, rosemary, marigolds, basil, sage, catnip, peppermint, and lemon balm.

For effective control of mosquitoes in your yard, it is best to hire a trusted pest management professional to apply a mist treatment to these key locations. This will work to eliminate mosquitoes when they enter your yard.


You probably know that mosquitoes love marshes, swamps, forests, and other natural locations where they are able to find pools of water to breed in. They will look for pools in your yard as well. Our fall tips section is sort of a combination of our spring tips and our winter tips.

Fall Mosquito Tip

One of the ways mosquitoes will make it through the winter is by laying eggs on leaf litter. When leaves compact, they can hold enough rainwater to create a vernal pool. This pool is perfect for overwintering mosquito eggs. If you rake leaves up in the fall, you'll have fewer mosquitoes in the spring.

Mosquitoes are a seasonal problem. But with a year-round mosquito control plan and help from the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, you can reduce their populations in your yard. When you have fewer mosquitoes, you have fewer bites. Simple as that. Contact us!

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