Dark-Winged Fungus Gnat

What do dark-winged fungus gnats look like?

a dark winged gnat inside a home in plano illinois

Dark-winged fungus gnats are very small. Adults grow to be about 1/8 of an inch in length. They have a long, thin body, legs, and antennae. Their bodies are gray or black, and their wings are smoky colored. The larvae have black heads and white bodies. Like something out of a horror movie, the larvae move together across the ground in a long snake-like mass.

Where are dark-winged fungus gnats found?

Dark-winged fungus gnats live outside in very wet, decaying organic matter. They are often found in mulch piles, compost piles, and firewood piles that have been around for a while. If dark-winged fungus gnats are in your Iowa or Illinois home, it is probably because there is a leak behind your home’s walls or in the roof that is causing the woodwork, roof, or drywall to be consistently damp. Dark-winged fungus gnats are attracted to light and gather around exterior lights, lamps, windows, and doors. These gnats are most active in the early morning and evening hours, choosing to rest during the day in dark, moist places.

What do dark-winged fungus gnats eat?

Fungus gnats are found on or near larval food materials. Larvae feed primarily on fungi growing in the soil and moist decaying plant matter. They also feed on the roots of live plants. In heavy infestations, they can actually cause plant death. Fungus-gnats are a big problem for greenhouse owners and mushroom growers.

DIY dark-winged fungus gnat prevention and control tips

To prevent an infestation of dark-winged fungus gnats on your property or in your home it is necessary to eliminate the things that may attract them. These gnats like very moist areas, so make sure that you do not overwater your lawn and house plants. Remove piles of grass or leaves from your lawn and discard old piles of wood. Fix leaky pipes and fixtures that are found inside or outside of your home, and make sure that gutters are in good working order to direct water away from the outside of your house. If any wood or drywall has been damaged by water in your home, remove and replace it and install dehumidifiers to reduce humidity levels in the damp areas of your home, like the basement.

Professional dark-winged fungus gnat control

For help with dark-winged fungus gnats, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We’d be happy to explain how our residential and commercial pest control services will get rid of the gnats and what can be done to prevent them from returning. Reach out to us today!

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