Drain Flies

What do drain flies look like?

a drain fly on a rock outside of a home in princeton illinois

Drain flies are gray or black, and their bodies are covered in microscopic, fuzzy hair. Drain flies have large wings, but they are very poor fliers. In fact, a good way to identify drain flies is by the short, frantic manner in which they fly. They are very small, with adults averaging 1/8 of an inch in length. When drain flies are resting on an object, they place their horizontal wings in a roof-like manner over their body.

Where are drain flies found?

Drain flies are generally found living and breeding in moist organic debris. As their name suggests, drain flies usually live in sink drains, floor drains, sewers, and damp basements. Drain flies can be seen resting on walls in Quad Cities kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They can also be seen flying around the drains that they have emerged from.

What do drain flies eat?

Drain flies feed on a simple diet of decaying organic materials, sewage, and the sludge that builds up inside drains.

DIY drain fly prevention and control tips

A small drain fly infestation in your home can quickly become a large infestation. While these pests aren’t known to carry any dangerous diseases, they can become a huge nuisance in a home. The following tips can help to prevent problems with drain flies. Remove decaying organic matter from your property including piles of leaves, grass, and fallen logs. Clean out gutters so that they properly direct water away from your home, and fix leaky pipes and faucets. Caulk gaps found around windows and doors, and seal cracks in the foundation. The most important step that you can take to prevent drain flies is to make sure that you are physically cleaning out any debris that has built up in your home’s drains.

Professional drain fly control

For help getting rid of drain flies in your home or commercial facility, Quik-Kill offers effective pest control services in central and north central Illinois, and also in the Quad Cities. Contact our locally owned pest control company to find out how we eliminate flies. Reach out today!

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