House Spiders

What do house spiders look like?

a house spider in a kitchen sink in a home in morris illinois

House spiders are yellow-brown to gray with an off-white abdomen and dark chevron markings on their body and legs. House spiders have a body length of 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch in length; females are usually larger than the males. Females also have rounded abdomens whereas males have elongated ones.

Where are house spiders found?

House spiders frequently inhabit Iowa & Illinois houses, garages, sheds, and barns as well as other outbuildings. Though they are not dangerous as venomous spiders, they are nuisance spiders that are hard to eliminate because they build and abandon webs quickly while searching for prey.

What do house spiders eat?

House spiders are a predatory species and feed on a variety of insects.

DIY house spider prevention and control tips

The following steps can help to prevent house spiders from taking up residence in or near your home:

  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation and exterior walls.

  • Caulk gaps around exterior windows and doors; install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Replace broken window and door screens.

  • Trim back trees and landscaping from the outside of your home.

  • Limit the amount of clutter in storage areas like basements, closets, and attics.

Professional house spider control

Get rid of house spiders and other pests with Quik-Kill’s home pest control services. Solutions include exterior treatments that stop these spiders from getting inside. We’ll also treat inside if a problem already exists. For more information on how we eliminate spiders in homes and businesses, please contact us today.

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