How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Streator Homes

When you go outside, it is easy to see that the world is filled with insects. Many of them can be found in your landscaping, moving from flower to flower. Many can be found underneath an old board lying on the ground, or a rock you flip over in your backyard. You'll see them crawling on your driveway and around the entrance to your garage. You'll see them exploring the outside of your trash receptacles. Some of them (the annoying ones) come flying up to your face or land on your skin to bite you. When you think about where bed bugs come from, it is only logical to think that they come in from the outside; bed bugs are insects and that's where insects live. But bed bugs are actually indoor pests. If you're looking to keep bed bugs out of your Streator home, this is an important fact to understand about bed bugs. This is where we are going to start our discussion today.

Bed Bugs Have Always Been With Us

According to scientists, bed bugs date back to the beginning of recorded history, and the fossil record reveals that they go back much further. Some scientists make the claim that bed bugs were in the caves with our early ancestors. They assert that bed bugs actually moved from the caves to the first human dwellings along with the people. Why did this happen? It is because bed bugs have a preference for human blood and they live in cracks, gaps, tight spaces, and dark voids near where people sleep or lounge so that they can get the food they need for survival.

Important Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs don't live in your yard.
  • Bed bugs are carried from one location to another.
  • Bed bugs don't choose your home, they're accidentally brought in.
  • Bed bugs prefer to bite you.
  • Bed bugs will want to live as close to you as possible.
  • Bed bugs hide in tight spaces and dark voids.
  • Bed bugs can bite you when you're lounging and fully awake.
  • Bed bugs need blood in order to survive.
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Using What You Know

When considering how bed bug infestations start, it is important to understand how bed bugs behave. If you think bed bugs come in from the outside, you won't have any impact stopping them. If you think you can drive them back outside, you will be equally frustrated. Let's consider how we can use what we've talked about so far to determine how an infestation might start.

1. Bed Bugs Are Carried

You can get bed bugs from many places. You're most likely to get them from hotspots. These are locations where many people sleep or lounge, such as a hotel, motel, resort, dormitory, daycare, bus, train, plane, movie theater, etc. When you don't do a quick inspection of these areas, bed bugs could get into your stuff and come home with you.

2. Bed Bugs Are Drawn To You

When you go out somewhere, keep in mind that bed bugs will be attracted to anything that smells like you. They'll be drawn to laundry items, duffel bags, coats, book bags, pocketbooks, etc. When you don't put laundry in a sealed plastic bag and when you place your items near the items of other people, you can pick bed bugs up.

3. Bed Bugs Hide In Tight Spaces

When bed bugs get into a man-made structure, they can live inside beds, other furniture, electronics, and in many other items. They can also be found living inside the walls and in other locations within a structure. If you live in a multi-family home or an apartment, bed bugs can go from one rental unit to another. When bed bugs hide in items that are portable, you can get an infestation by purchasing these items.

4. Bed Bugs Prefer Darkness

When the lights go out, bed bugs come out. These insects are repelled by light. Here are a few ways you can use this to understand how an infestation might start.

When you spend the night somewhere, bed bugs can come out at night to get into your luggage, bags, and clothing.

When you sit in the dark, whether it is at the movies, at your job, or in public transportation, bed bugs can come out to feed on you while you're fully awake. When they do, they could get into your clothes and be carried home with you.

When you put clothing, a backpack, hardcover books, or some other carriable item into a locker with items from a co-worker or another student, bed bugs can transfer. They may also lay eggs in your stuff. Either can lead to an infestation in your home.

Bed Bug Control In Streator

There are many ways bed bugs can be brought into your home. If you ever find bed bugs, remember that the team here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is standing ready to assist you with any pest concern. We service Streator and the surrounding area with industry-leading control solutions. You don't have to let the bed bugs bite. 

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