How Dangerous Are The Wolf Spiders In Streator?

wolf spider on ground

One of a few common spiders in our area, the wolf spider is a hairy, 1- to 2-inch spider that likes to show up in unexpected places to scare us half to death. Hopefully, it doesn't do that to you twice. But, kidding aside, these scary-looking spiders might make you feel very uncomfortable after you've had a sighting. We're here to set you at ease—well, a little. We can't tell you that a wolf spider won't bite you or that it doesn't hurt to get bitten by one, but there is good news to share. Here's what you should know about wolf spiders in Streator, Illinois.

Wolf Spiders Avoid You

These spiders have good eyes. This is actually uncommon for a spider. While most spiders don't see you coming and can get spooked when they come in contact with you, a wolf spider will see you. This helps it to have a better temperament when you come near. If you open an ice cooler you put in storage and find a little water and a wolf spider at the bottom, that spider isn't going to run at you to bite you. It's going to sit there and wait to see what you do. If you find a wolf spider in your landscaping while tending to your plants, and put your hand toward it, it is likely to move away from you. It isn't looking for a fight with someone as big as you. It is even possible to pick a wolf spider up and not get bitten. It all depends on how comfortable the spider is in regards to your presence. If it feels threatened, it can bite you. After doing so, it will flee.

Wolf Spider Venom

All spiders have venom and all spiders have fangs. The wolf spider is no exception. This hunter spider is well equipped to take down its prey. But it doesn't have a venom that is especially toxic to humans. It is only in rare cases that an allergic reaction occurs. Most of the time, there will be localized pain at the bite wound and a red, itchy welt will form.

Nighttime Prowlers

Wolf spiders are mostly nocturnal. When you go to sleep at night, they come out to hunt. As they move about inside your home, they can come in contact with you while you sleep. Most of these encounters are likely to pass without any problems. While it is certainly unpleasant to even think about a spider crawling on you while you sleep, it should bring you comfort to know that wolf spiders aren't easily spooked. If you start to move, they're most likely to move off you. Problems arise when they get trapped or feel threatened.

Wolf Spider Habitat

Another comforting thought is that wolf spiders don't prefer to be inside your home. They would much rather live where there is soil, moisture, and a lot of insects to eat. We don't imagine that is a description of the interior of your home. So, when you see a wolf spider sitting on the drain of your tub, keep in mind that it isn't where it wants to be. If you capture it with a cup and piece of cardboard and put that spider back outside, it will thank you. In its own spider way.

Wolf Spider Babies

A wolf spider keeps her egg on her. When you remove a spider from your home, you could potentially be removing several spiders. These spiders don't create webs, so removing webs won't do anything to quell wolf spider populations. On a side note, wolf spiders also carry their hatchlings on them for a time. If you squish her, you may be disturbed to see a hundred little spiders take off in every direction.

What To Do When You See Wolf Spiders In Streator

If you see these hairy spiders around your home, you shouldn't be too concerned. They are beneficial critters and not prone to living in your home with you. When you see them inside, especially repeatedly, you should contact a licensed professional. We'd be happy to assist you. Contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for an evaluation of your spider issue. We can guide you toward the right solution for long-term management.

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