How To Keep Dangerous Wasps Away From Your Streator Yard

When a wasp comes into your yard, it isn't all that dangerous. In fact, wasps are actually beneficial insects. They help with the pollination of plants and flowers, and they're known to kill a spider or two. If you don't take a swing at a wasp, it is likely to leave you alone and continue providing a benefit to you and your family. The issues with wasps start with nest creation. This is when these beneficial insects can become dangerous. Let's examine the problem.

How Wasps Think

You can see random wasps all the time and never get stung. When wasps are away from their nest, they're focused on obtaining food or water. You're of no interest to them as long as you don't make erratic movements and make them feel threatened. If, however, you chance upon a wasps' nest, you'll have a very different experience. Wasps have a nest-protection instinct. If you make them nervous, they will emit a pheromone that excites the other drones. This will cause them to swarm and attack you. Your chances of happening upon a nest are much greater if wasps develop a nest in your yard.

Nest Locations

If you want to keep wasps from presenting a danger to you and your family, you need to be aware of the locations where wasps tend to build their nests. In Streator, we have two common wasp pests. They are the paper wasp and the yellow jacket.

Paper Wasps — These insects tend to build aerial nests in sheltered locations or on the sides of structures. The nests they create are made of a grey, paper-like material. This is why they're called paper wasps.

Yellow Jackets — These insects tend to build nests inside voids. They may create a ground nest, a stump nest, or a nest inside a structure. It is even possible to find a nest within stored furniture, inside a structure.

Nest Detection

In the spring, look for paper wasps' nests being created in sheltered locations on your property. If you find a starter nest that looks like an umbrella shape, you can knock it down during the day while the queen is off gathering materials. Just make sure she's not around. She won't take kindly to you destroying her handiwork.

In the spring, and also any time during the year, watch for yellow jacket activity. If you see wasps hanging out around an opening, there is likely to be a nest. Be sure to listen for them as well. Sometimes, the buzzing of drones inside a nest is the only warning sign.

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Preventing Nests

There are only a few methods for keeping wasps away from your property and for preventing nest development.

  • Reduce water sources in your yard. Wasps need water to survive.
  • Reduce unnecessary vegetation, such as flowering weeds.
  • Refrain from leaving exposed sugary drinks sitting outside. If you have juice, consider putting it in a covered cup. If you drink a bottle of soda, put the cap back on between sips.
  • Keep your trash in clean, covered trash receptacles. The scent of trash is an attractant for wasps because they eat sources of protein.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home and search for gaps, cracks, or holes that yellow jackets may use to access the voids within your walls. Use a caulking gun, expanding foam, or a foundation repair kit to seal vulnerabilities and keep those wasps out.
  • Inspect your yard and fill in any ground holes. If your yard doesn't have any voids, you are less likely to have yellow jackets establishing a nest. This is good news since the vibration from a lawnmower can set off a ground nest full of yellow jackets.

How We Can Help

If you live in Streator, be aware that the team here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can help you prevent dangerous encounters with wasps. Our residential pest control programs protect you in two ways.

  • When you have routine visits from a licensed pest control professional, it is less likely that a nest will develop on your property without you knowing it. Early detection and early removal is key to reducing the threat.
  • Routine and appropriate treatments around your home will reduce insects that wasps prey on. If you have few pests around your home, you'll have less trouble with wasps.

If you have questions about pest control in Streator, Illinois, or you'd like to schedule to meet with one of our experienced pest professionals, connect with us today. We're here to assist you with all your pest concerns. Our team uses industry-leading methods and products to ensure the greatest level of protection with the least amount of synthetic insecticides. We can give your property what it needs to repel and knockdown insect pests. 

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