Larder Beetles

What do larder beetles look like?

a larder beetle on a white background

The oval body of the adult larder beetle is dark brown to black and has a light-colored band with dark markings running across it. Larder beetles are small in size, growing to about 1/4 of an inch in length. The larvae have tapered, worm-like bodies that are covered in stiff hairs. The larvae are larger than the adults, growing to about 1/2 of an inch in length. They have three pairs of legs and two upward-curved spines on the posterior end.

Where are larder beetles found?

Adults may enter Quad Cities homes through cracks and crevices in the foundation, or through gaps around windows and doors while foraging for food. Homes also become infested by these pantry pests when food that is already infested with larder beetle eggs is purchased from stores and brought into a home.

Adult female larder beetles lay their eggs on a food source. After the larvae emerge from their eggs, they feed on the food source provided and go through 5 or 6 molts. They then leave the food source to pupate within wood, books, or insulation, emerging as adults when the pupating process is complete. Basements, pantries, kitchens, and storage areas are all common places that larder beetles are found living.

What do larder beetles eat?

Both the larval and adult stages of larder beetles feed on animal products like meat, cheese, dry pet food, other insects, furs, animal hides, and other food high in fat and protein. Occasionally larder beetles may contaminate dry tobacco and other dried plants, which they use as food.

DIY larder beetle prevention and control tips

To prevent a larder beetle infestation in your home you should always check any food that you are purchasing for holes or rips in the packaging. Routinely clean out the pantry to get rid of expired items and to clean up crumbs and spills. Place personal items in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids instead of placing them in cardboard boxes for storage. To prevent adult larder beetles from entering your home, caulk gaps around windows and doors and seal cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation.

Professional larder beetle control

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