Mosquito Misting Systems in Central Illinois & the Quad Cities

Quik-Kill’s direct contact mosquito treatment features CoastalMister, a custom designed misting system that places our materials strategically in your outdoor living environment. It will give you the best results possible when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes in your Quad Cities home.


How Our Mosquito Misting System Works

We’ll install our mosquito misting system around the perimeter of your structure(s), in landscaped areas, along fence lines, and in other places where mosquitoes are likely to be found. Pre-programmed to treat your exterior environment automatically, the mosquito misting system targets these biting and potentially dangerous pests when they are most active. The system also works on demand with the use of a hand held remote control.

Our team of mosquito control pros install clear or black nylon tubing and precision nozzles in and around protected areas. Misting nozzles are constructed of stainless steel and brass, and feature a positive shutoff at the orifice to prevent dripping. This allows the system to deliver a fine mist of exactly measured material at predetermined times and duration to create a defense against mosquitoes and other outdoor pests.


Is Mosquito Control Necessary?

In short, yes! The length of an adult mosquito’s life under natural conditions is only a few weeks during the summer months. Mating usually takes place within 24 to 48 hours after adults emerge. Mosquitoes have a tremendous potential for reproduction. A female mosquito, depending on species, can produce about 50 to 500 eggs in her first brood. If we consider an average of 200 eggs per brood (of which half would be female), and that a mosquito can complete its development in less than two weeks, there would be around 20 million mosquitoes in only five generations. If we could get 20 million offspring from only one female, thousands of females could produce billions or trillions of mosquitoes. Quik-Kill’s mosquito misting system disturbs the process by regularly treating areas where these pests are likely to breed.

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