Mud Daubers

What do mud daubers look like?

a mud dauber wasp on a flower in mendota illinois

Adult mud daubers have a narrow waist and a distinctive thread-like segment between their thorax and abdomen. This segment can cause some mud daubers to have a “stretched” out look to their body. They can be black or metallic blue, some may also have yellow or green markings on them. Their wings can be either clear or dark. Adults can be quite large, and grow up to 2 inches in length. It is important to note that the mud dauber’s appearance can vary greatly depending on the specific species.

Where are mud daubers found?

Mud daubers are solitary in nature. Instead of living in large nests, individuals create unique nests out of mud and other natural materials found in Iowa & Illinois. The female stings and paralyzes prey (other insects), then captures and places them in individual cells that she has created within her nest. The female then places an egg on the food source and seals the cell. She creates or re-uses multiple mud nests in order to lay all of her eggs. The nests that she makes are round or tubular in shape and can be found in rock crevices, on rock overhangs, in barns, in sheds, in garages, under decks and roof eaves, and on the outside walls of homes.

What do mud daubers eat?

Developing mud dauber larvae feed on the insects that were provided for them. Adults feed on insects and a variety of liquids including honeydew, nectar, and the body fluids of the insects that they have preyed upon.

DIY mud dauber prevention and control tips

Stopping mud daubers from choosing your property to create their nests is basically an impossible task. Mud daubers are not very aggressive and are beneficial because they help to control the populations of both nuisance and dangerous insects, including black widow spiders. If their nests haven’t been placed where they are a nuisance or danger to you and your family, it is best to leave them alone. However, if control measures are needed, it is best to contact a professional pest control expert to have the nests safely removed from your property.

Professional mud dauber control

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