Oriental Cockroaches (Waterbugs)

What do Oriental cockroaches look like?

several oriental cockroaches on a log outside of a home in streator illinois

The Oriental cockroach’s appearance differs slightly depending on whether they are male or female. Females have a wide body and short wings, while the males have a longer, narrower body and longer wings. While both males and females have wings, neither can fly. Oriental cockroaches are shiny, black, and are about 1 inch in length. Another distinctive feature of the Oriental cockroach is that they give off a very powerful, unpleasant, musty smelling odor. This odor can be very unpleasant for homeowners to deal with.

Where are Oriental cockroaches found?

Oriental cockroaches are commonly called “waterbugs” because of their high dependency on water. They are typically found living outside in moist, damp areas like sewers, garbage piles, and under stones, leaf piles, woodpiles, landscaping timbers, and fallen logs. Oriental cockroaches may move inside Iowa or Illinois homes while foraging for food or if the weather outside becomes too hot or dry for them to survive. They gain entrance underneath doors, through cracks in the foundation, through floor drains, and through the spaces found around utility pipes. Once inside, they will hide in moist, dark areas like laundry rooms, crawlspaces, basements, or any other space that is close to pipes, faucets, and other water sources.

What do Oriental cockroaches eat?

Oriental cockroaches feed on a wide variety of foods, preferring starchy foods. Like other cockroaches, they also feed on decaying organic matter and filth, making them a huge cause for concern for home and business owners because of the large number of bacteria they carry on their legs and bodies.

DIY Oriental cockroach prevention and control tips

Oriental cockroaches carry and transmit very dangerous diseases because of their habit of feeding on filth and decaying organic matter, and their habit of travelling through disease ridden places like garbage piles, sewers, and drain pipes. To stop problems with Oriental cockroaches in your home, changes should be made to help prevent them from getting inside. Seal cracks and crevices found in the foundation, install door sweeps on all exterior doors, and seal the spaces found around utilities entering your home. It is also a good idea to caulk gaps found around windows and doors and to make sure that screens are completely intact. Moisture attracts Oriental cockroaches, so make sure that gutters are directing water away from the outside of your home, fix leaky pipes, and replace leaky fixtures. Inside, make sure to regularly remove garbage and store it in outside containers with tight-fitting lids until trash pick-up day. It is also important to regularly wash dishes and keep food either in sealed containers or in the refrigerator.

Professional Oriental cockroach control

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