What do pigeons look like?

many pigeons outside of an office building in streator illinois

The specific color of a pigeon will vary depending on its exact species. The feral pigeons that most property owners encounter have a light gray body with a darker colored head, breast, and shoulders. They usually have 2 dark bars going across their wings, and a single, wide, dark bar going across their tail. Some will have metallic or rust colored feathers on their head, breast, and neck areas. Adults can weigh up to 13 ounces and grow to between 11 and 15 inches in height. The beak of the pigeon is pinkish-gray.

Where are pigeons found?

Pigeons are common pests in both rural and suburban environments. Pigeons mate for life, and if in the unfortunate event that one of them dies, the single bird will eventually find a new partner. If food is plentiful, pigeons mate year-round. The male builds a nest for the female to lay her eggs in using grass, twigs, paper, and other items they find laying around. They tend to use their nests over and over again; their cement-like feces helping to strengthen it. Pigeons are capable of building their nests on branches or flat areas and are commonly found in city parks, on or in Iowa & Illinois commercial buildings and warehouses, under roof eaves, in barns, in sheds, and in the spaces and crevices found around rocky areas and cliffs.

What do pigeons eat?

Pigeons are not picky eaters. They feed on bird seed, popcorn, chips, bread, French fries, pizza crusts, peanuts, grains, corn and other crops. Pigeons typically leave their nests to feed in the early morning hours, and again in the late afternoon.

DIY pigeon prevention and control tips

Preventing pigeons from choosing your property to roost or nest on can be difficult. A good way to prevent problems with them is to remove all potential food and water sources from your property. Make sure that trash cans have tight-fitting lids, place gardens a distance from the outside of your home, remove bird feeders, and make sure that gutters are cleaned out and not collecting water. However, the very best way to control pigeons on your property is to seek help from bird control experts.

Professional pigeon control

Left unaddressed, pigeons will damage buildings and machinery, and could create health and safety issues for employees and customers. For a professional solution to pigeons and other pest birds around your commercial facility, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our bird control services include a thorough assessment of the problem, treatment plan, cleanup, and preventative services. Reach out to us today!

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