Streator Property Owners' Ultimate Termite Control Guide

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Have you ever picked up a dead branch and noticed tiny, pale insects on it? Did those insects disappear into the cracks of the branch? Were you aware that those were subterranean termites? If your answer to all three of these questions is yes, and you still haven't taken steps to protect your Streator property from termite damage, this article is for you. We're going to explore a few common misconceptions about subterranean termites and then discuss what is required to control these wood-destroying insects.

What Every Streator Property Owner Should Know About Termites

  • If you see worker termites, you're lucky. It doesn't happen very often.

  • When you see a dozen termites on a branch, you should know that there are a lot more inside that branch. It is also likely that, just below the ground, are hundreds of thousands of termites.

  • When a termite colony is feeding on branches in your yard, they can also be feeding on your back deck, your wood fence, your shed, and your home.

  • If you pick branches up and store them in a pile to be burned, you won't get rid of all the termites in your yard when you burn those branches. Only a fraction of the termites will be in this ideal food source. And, even if every worker termite in the colony found its way into your brush pile, the queen can easily produce more termite workers to replace any you exterminate in the fire.

  • Dead branches, stumps, logs, lumber, woodpiles, wood debris, and other wood sources attract termites to your yard, and they send a signal to the queen to produce workers to keep up with the available food sources. If you don't remove wood from your property, you're increasing the potential for significant property damage.

  • Termites never stop. They are simple organisms that don't require sleep. They can feed on wood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—even in the winter.

  • In Streator, the termites we battle are Eastern subterranean termites. A low estimate for the average size of an Eastern subterranean termite colony is about 15,000 workers. But there can be as many as several million in one colony.

  • Termite workers can travel the length of a football field in search of food sources. This means you can have more than one colony feeding on the wood in your yard.

Do you see the picture forming? Subterranean termites are not an issue to be shrugged off.

What Is Required To Control Termites?

There are some things you can do to resist termite activity—removing wood and other food sources that contain cellulose is one way. But, it isn't a good idea to battle subterranean termites on your own. The big problem with these insects is that you're not likely to know when your termite control efforts fail. If you want to ensure that your property is protected, you need to hire an educated termite control professional.

Termite Control In Streator

If you live in Streator, Illinois, you're in our service area. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we use the most trusted termite control products and strategies to achieve the highest probability of termite control, and these products are backed by some impressive warranties, so you're going to be protected.

  • The most trusted name in termite bait solutions is the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. One of the reasons Sentricon® has dominated in this arena is that they require their products to be installed and monitored by a Certified Sentricon® Installer. Don't settle for empty promises. Protect your property with an award-winning bait control system that outperforms its competition in every way.

  • The most trusted name in liquid treatments is Termidor®. Our technicians are certified for the application of Termidor® products and are skilled in the, often complicated, application of liquid termiticides. Termidor® creates the most advanced termiticides. These scientifically-engineered materials target termites by stopping the molting process. They're also undetectable, so termite workers pick them up and share them with the other termites in their colonies. This leads to colony elimination. 

  • We understand that money is tight for many Streator residents. That's why we've bundled termite control with our year-round general pest control service. We call this our Home Guardian System. There is no better way to get all the protection you need for your Streator home.

The Next Step

Have you been on the fence about investing in subterranean termite control? We hope it isn't a wooden fence. Subterranean termites are a real and ever-present threat in our area, and they are far from the only pests that can be harmful to your property and to your health. Let our team guide you in finding the right pest control solutions for your home and budget. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we don't just eliminate pests, we provide ongoing, always active pest control to prevent pest issues before they impact your property and your family. Connect with us today and request a pest control inspection to get started.

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