The Trick To Keeping Bed Bugs Out Of Your Streator Home

bed bug crawling on skin
If you want to have any hope of keeping bed bugs out of your Streator home, you need to understand why residents of Streator get bed bugs. You might think it is because bed bugs are drawn to dirty homes. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Not only are bed bugs not drawn to dirty homes, but there is nothing about you or your home that attracts these insects. Bed bugs don't get into a home by choice. They're carried inside. The trick to keeping bed bugs out is understanding how, and why, they get carried from place to place.

Tight Spaces

Bed bugs prefer to be in tight spaces and areas that are compressed, such as the space between a mattress and a box spring. If you spend the night somewhere, it is possible to pick bed bugs up by leaving your bags or luggage open. A bed bug is right at home inside a bag full of stuff. They'll crawl around between your belongings and underneath them.


Bed bugs prefer the dark. These insects are photosensitive. This is another reason they'll get into your stuff when you spend the night somewhere. They like to hide inside voids. This may be a void in your luggage, duffel bag, or pocketbook, but it may also be a void inside a computer, alarm clock, or some other item you carry. If the light comes on, or the window shade is opened in a room, bed bugs will hide from the light and stay hidden until it becomes dark again. This may happen when you get home.

The Scent Of People

Bed bugs love the smell of people. They love it so much, they're drawn to laundry items. If you keep laundry items in a piece of luggage, bed bugs will be drawn to search for small openings to gain access. Once inside, they can hide in the pockets and seams of clothing, or in the storage item you keep your clothing inside. Bed bugs are also drawn to get into sleeping bags, blankets, and other items that come in contact with the body.

Tips And Tricks To Keep Bed Bugs Out

As you can probably guess, these tips are associated with the attractants we listed above. Keep in mind that these preventative measures will not give you 100 percent protection from bed bugs. They are only going to help deter bed bugs.

  • When you stay the night in a hotel, use the luggage rack provided. This will prevent bed bugs from getting in and enjoying all of the tight spaces between your items.

  • Keep electronics stored when spending the night, especially if the item has a gap that bed bugs can use to enter the item.

  • Do a detailed inspection of any used item you purchase. Bed bugs can be found in any furniture or electronic item that has a void.

  • When you stay the night somewhere, keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag.

  • When you return home from staying the night somewhere, be sure to at least put all of your laundry items through a dryer cycle that is thirty minutes long. Be sure to include sleeping bags and bedding.

  • Use a flashlight to do a detailed inspection of all bags and luggage.

  • If you have bags or other items that can be put in the dryer for thirty minutes, you can eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development by doing this.

  • When you stay the night somewhere, even if it is at the home of a friend or relative, be sure to do a quick inspection.

  • Look for shed insect skins, tiny white eggs, specks of black feces or black stains, brown or red stains caused by blood, and the presence of bed bugs.

  • Be aware that bed bugs release a scent that some describe as a musty towel. If you detect this scent in an area you'll be sleeping, let this prompt you to do a more detailed inspection, or consider sleeping somewhere else.

Bed Bug Extermination

It is impossible to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. They can be brought in by anyone at any time. The tips given above can help resist bed bugs, but they are not foolproof. If bed bugs ever get into your Streator home, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for effective bed bug control.

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