Why Year-Round Rodent Control Is Essential For Streator Businesses

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Domestic rodents are business rodents. The only difference? The risks of having an infestation. For business owners, having rodents on your property could bring severe consequences, both for employees and customers and for your profit margin.

Fortunately, there’s an easy and effective way to keep rodents off of your business property. Keep reading to learn more about business-invading types of rodents, why they choose a certain location, and what you can do to get rid of rodents.

Types Of Rodents That Invade Streator Businesses

There are few differences between the most common home-invading rodents and the most common business-invading rodents. Rats and mice that invade businesses may be bigger and better fed, but other than that, they’re the same old foes that have been with us since we settled into civilization.

The two most common rodents in Illinois likely to invade a business are the house mouse and the Norway rat. Some think mice are too closely associated with homes to be a real threat to businesses, but this is a dangerous line of thinking. House mice can be found anywhere there is food, warmth, and water, all of which are in abundance in most businesses.

The house mouse is small, growing between 3 and 4 inches in length with tails of about equal size. Gray with cream-colored bellies, big ears, and rounded bodies, these cute little guys will stop at nothing for a nibble of whatever insects, fruits, nuts, and grains you’ve got lying around.

As the second common rodent in Illinois, Norway rats are an especially severe threat. Not only do they carry more diseases than mice, but they can be even more destructive with their larger size and greater mobility. At over 9 inches in length, these significantly larger, brown-haired animals can be cause for even greater alarm. Different rodents pose unique threats, but they’re all a bad omen for business owners.

Why Rodents Invade Streator Businesses

Like any warm-blooded mammal, rodents seek food, shelter, and water, and businesses that make these easy to access are highly likely to have a rodent problem.

Some examples of making it easy for rodents include:

  • Leaving garbage piles laying around, inside or outside the business

  • Not disposing of or storing food properly

  • Having excess moisture due to leaking pipes, sprinklers, landscaping issues, etc.

  • Leaving doors or windows open

  • Having holes or cracks around the property’s exterior

  • Not maintaining door and window screens

  • Not checking food or product shipments for existing rodents before moving them indoors

Nobody lets mice or rats in on purpose, but it probably seems like a wide-open invitation to them when a door is left open in an alleyway with dumpsters nearby. Accidental or not, there are very few things worse for a business’s operations than to have rodents on the property, and for good reason.

Why It Is Dangerous To Have Rodents In Your Streator Business

Domestic rodents pose the same threats to businesses, mainly the spread of dangerous diseases. Rodents in Illinois like the Norway rat are especially bad contenders. These animals are carriers of diseases like rat-bite fever, the plague, typhus, and trichinosis. They can also spread salmonella and other disease-carrying pests like ticks and fleas around the property.

Not only can rodents make people seriously ill and worsen allergies and asthma in the vulnerable, but they can also do significant property damage by chewing. Leaving food in its original packaging is especially dangerous as cardboard and plastic are no obstacle for rodents’ powerful teeth. However, they can also chew through materials like vinyl, rubber, wood, soft metals, brick, concrete, drywall, and more. Whether it’s damage to your product or your property, this is a monetary and a safety threat that cannot be overlooked.

Finally, all types of rodents are a threat to a business’s reputation and public trust. Having rats in an office building is bad enough, considering it can put your employees and customers under stress and in danger, but having rats in businesses that serve food is even more hazardous. All it takes is one review to put a business in bad standing that is impossible to escape. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, for better or worse.

How To Handle A Rodent Infestation In Streator

As a preventative measure or for quick and effective extermination that will save your business, you can trust Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Different rodents require special expertise, so smart animals require a smart solution.

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