When Do Mosquitoes Become a Problem in Illinois?

a mosquito biting a persons leg in pontiac illinois

Mosquito season in Illinois begins around the end of May. That is when they start to appear again and become a problem. Mosquitoes come into our yards uninvited, and feed on us while we feed on tasty barbecued meats from the grill. They nibble on us while we're trying to get a little gardening done. And they do a great job of ruining a graduation party. If you're planning to enjoy your backyard this year, mosquitoes may have other plans for you.

Is this how it is for you? Do you look forward to spring but hate the reappearance of mosquitoes in your backyard? You're not alone. Many homeowners in our area suffer with high mosquito populations, but they don't have to.

There are several ways to reduce and control mosquito populations. Some you can do yourself and others that can be applied by a licensed professional.



DIY Mosquito Reduction

Take a moment to look out your window into your backyard. Do you see any toys lying in your yard that can be a container for rainwater? Do you see any tarps, tires, wheelbarrows, birdbaths, or other objects that can hold water? If you have stagnant water in your yard, there is a good chance mosquitoes took notice of it last fall, and right now there may be eggs in those standing water reservoirs. If you go out into your yard and empty all of that pooled-up water onto the ground, you can stop those eggs from developing into adult mosquitoes in the spring. This is a good preventative measure that you can do all year long.
Sometimes, it isn't possible to address stagnant water in this way. Sometimes it is a condition that is causing water to pool, such as an obstructed gutter system or a leaky exterior spigot. If you have conditions in your yard that promote water collection, it is a good idea to remedy them before spring gets here.
It may seem trivial to empty out still water to stop mosquitoes, but it has a bigger impact than you might think. Most mosquitoes don't travel more than a few hundred yards in their entire life. When you're being bitten by a mosquito in your backyard, it is likely that mosquito hatched in your backyard.

Professional Mosquito Reduction

Controlling mosquito breeding sites in your yard is a good first step, but it is certainly not going to make your yard mosquito-free by any means. There really is no way to make your yard 100% mosquito-free. But seasonal mosquito reduction services from a licensed professional can get you as close to 100% as possible.
Since mosquitoes don't travel very far, mosquito treatments can have a big impact for your yard and your neighbors' yards. When mosquitoes come into your yard, they are going to rest in the middle of the day. That's what they do. When they do, that's the best place to get 'em.
Mosquito treatments are applied to key areas to knock down adult mosquitoes and prevent them from laying eggs in your yard or your neighbor's yard. That's 50 to 500 eggs that don't get laid in your neighborhood. Do you see how powerful this is? It is like you're creating a buffer zone that mosquitoes have to repopulate.
While controlling breeding sites keeps mosquitoes from hatching in your yard, it doesn't do anything to stop them from hatching in the yards around yours. Mosquito treatments do. But it is important to have a professional apply these treatments. Chemicals can be harmful when the wrong products are used, or when they are applied in inappropriate amounts.
At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we use appropriate products and apply them to key locations in amounts that are established by industry experts. We also use a combination of detailed inspections and green pest control methods to help you control breeding sites. If there are breeding locations in your yard that can't be removed or altered, we can apply a larvicide that will arrest development and stop the cycle of reproduction. Together, they work to make your yard a much nicer place to be.
We also install mosquito misting systems that take care of mosquito control automatically. We'd love to tell you all about it. Reach out to us and start up the conversation. We're here to help.

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